Tuesday, June 5, 2007

My Alter Ego

"My handbag doesn’t just belong to me: it is me, my alter ego." — Barbara G.S. Hagerty

weekender bags

That quote came to my inbox today via Real Simple: Daily Thought (Real Simple) right after the great handbag above appeared from ShopBop and I thought to myself: "that's right on the money". (And not too far after... "I want that bag!")

I absolutely LOVE my handbags - it borders on a bit obsessive. The top two shelves of my walk in closet are filled with them.

I especially love my big bags (or... weekender bags... which often end up being used on weekdays just the same). You can pretty much carry your whole world in there, which is what I love the most. Cell phone, iPod, clutch (it's such a pain to switch out every credit card and ID when you need a little wallet for a little purse)... it all fits and that makes me happy.