Saturday, December 26, 2009

From My Email Inbox...

...a heads up on end of year savings!

Victoria's Secret

Discounts up to 65% on swim (extra 20% off lowest marked prices with coupon code "SAVESWIM")

Isabella Oliver

15-50% off - see all of the sale categories here

The Body Shop

Up to 50% off... end of year clearance starts today

New York & Company

Up to 70% off with additional 15% off coupon (sign up for emails to get printed coupon or enter code "1181" online)

Cambria Cove

Gifts up to 50% off. Since the retailer is a little - ok, a lot - high on the prices anyway, they are finally coming around to reasonable.


$15.00 of purchase of $30.00 or $30.00 of $75.00 (someone please explain to me why you'd discount LESS for people who spend MORE)... use code "4583".
Get a print coupon by signing of for their emails. Bonus, free shipping for orders of $75.00+. Guess that's your extra discount. Doesn't help you in store though :-(

{All images from the retailers' websites.}

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Any twitter fans out there? (I don't have to ask if there are any shopping fans out there.) Then you'll likely enjoy this: Target Daily Deals, which you can follow on twitter so you don't have to go to the site every day, unless you want to actually check out each item!

Here's the link to the Target page -

The tagline is "One Day Only. Always Free Shipping." - lots of things to love about free shipping!

The offerings are not always (or probably even a majority) of clothing, accessories, or shoes, but a little savings on other household items never hurt anyone, either.

Friday, December 11, 2009

The Argument for Fur-Free

Eva Mendes Explains Why She Went Fur-Free

Ok, I am warning you UP FRONT. If you are faint of heart, do not watch the following video. I know that I can't take it, so I had to turn my head. I still listened to Eva's (pictured at right) words though and it makes total sense.

This is from a site I've recommended several times - EcoStiletto -

PS - I wish the photo at right from had her smiling, because she's super cute, but I do love that dress ;-)

I Didn't Realize I Was No-Fur, But I Am!

I've never considered myself a "against fur" (I have never purchased any fur, so I've never really thought about it) person until I noticed the ramped up marketing efforts FOR fur this year - at least in my local area.

It struck me the most when I was actually invited to an event sponsored by a local fur retailer. Not that I was downing the local retailer, but the host was actually a local niche publication which is all about women's empowerment, forward thinking, all that good stuff. So for me, as a marketer, I saw it as a HUGE disconnect. These are the women that I typically think of to have strong opinions - possibly including an anti-fur stance.

My 2010 Resolution

The only 2009 New Year's Resolution I stuck to was to not buy any beauty and bath products that weren't explicitly marked as "against animal testing". Lucky for me, there are a lot of great companies out there (mark., The Body Shop, included) that support the same ideals, so it's made my shopping pretty effortless to find those brands and be loyal to them.

So I'm thinking for 2010, my resolution that I'm going to keep is going to be an no-fur and no-leather purchase commitment. I imagine shoes will be a bit troublesome, so if you've got recommendations for me... send 'em on!

Thanks to Rachel (and Eva) for reminding us that while it's not always "pretty", there's a reason people are changing their ways! You wouldn't skin your sweet puppy or kitten would you? I sure wouldn't!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Cary Academy Holiday Shoppe Recap

Last weekend, I had the chance to head out to Cary Academy's Holiday Shoppe - their annual fundraiser shopping event. There were TONS of vendors, but I managed to try and pick up a business card or web address for my favorites.

Here is a quick recap, in no particular order... including my random commentary.

White Pear Shop

These candles, soaps, etc. smelled SO good. And when I say "SO good", I mean I had buyers remorse when I got home for NOT buying every candle they had!

The Minky Momma

You know how sometimes at events and vendor shows, the vendors/salespeople can jump all over you in too aggressive of a fashion?

Not this girl! She was super nice and didn't make me want to rush off ;-)

My dear E. Riley is on her way to being a new mommy - she can totally expect a gift from The Minky Momma!

Fancy Paints

Ceramics. They even do parties! They got me with the puppy treat jars - "All good dogs run with the pack...Go Pack!"

Here is their store:
Here is the info about their parties:

Zass Design

There is nothing on these gals' site yet, but they have a VERY cool concept. Basically, they are graphic designs who take print collateral (magazines, etc.) and make it into jewelry! Like, REALLY CUTE earrings, and more. I'll update if I see more online from them soon!

Sweet Tea Shirts

Notice the absence of a second "T" in the web address! Funny Southern sayings... on cute tees. That pretty much describes it.

T&J Wood Art

A really unique way to display your wine bottles AND wine glasses... can hold the glasses upside down (no dust on the inside) or right-side up.

Lithic Designs

Of course, I would've preferred to show you one of their Wolfpack offerings, but they didn't have a good picture on their website to showcase that. These are prints done on pieces of stone!

VERY cool. Would look great in offices, living rooms, cabinets, etc.

Ella Vickers

One of the coolest vendors all day, by far. Based out of Wilmington, NC, this vendor takes old sails and turns them into bags, etc. So it's eco-friendly, nautical, and beachy - all in one!

The bags are a bit on the expensive side, but if they're cut by hand and sew on a machine (or by hand), I'm sure each bag takes quite some time to make. And I'm even more confident that they aren't produced in overseas sweatshops. I'm ok with paying a premium for that.

Bone Appétit Bakery

I've been following these folks on twitter for a while, so it was cool to see them out at a local event. (I'm sure they do lots of events, but this was the first retail event I have noticed them at.)

How did they know that my family spoils our four-legged babies at Christmas, too?? ;-) Must be something about us "dog people".

In addition to a lot of great independents, they had what I think was a Reader's Digest mini-book store. They prices... were fantastic. They started around 30-40% off retail and even had discounts on their own prices. I bought a $16.00 book for just over $4.00. And yes, it was brand new.

Whew, this post took me FOREVER to draft/link/format/write... but I hope you find something to love!