Saturday, November 27, 2010

Jessica Simpson Must-Haves

Shocking confession here: I heart Jessica Simpson.

Even more so, I double love these shoes:

On sale for $118.30 at Macy's. Super bumming that they don't appear to be available in the "Milk Chocolate" brown anymore, just black and grey. Shoot. :-(

These are super cute, too:

Maybe a little high at $75.00, but I would totally pick them up if they went on sale at Macy's. Also available in black.

PS: Update for Lisa S. and my mom (who asked if I was hinting at these for Christmas). As some of you may remember, I made a commitment to not purchase any leather goods anymore, because there are so many non-animal alternatives out there. Both of these shoes are leather products, so I wouldn't buy them for myself nor would I wishlist them. I'm surprised that both are actually real leather, to be honest. Many, many products now are made from vinyl or faux products, so keep an eye out for those and let me know if any look like these cute shoes. Love the style, not a fan of the raw materials. ;-)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Holiday Deals are Already Over?

WTF Best Buy... too early.

I'm not joking, this subject line was in my inbox yesterday:
Subject: Last Chance. Amazing Holiday Deals End Today.
PS: My neighbors across the street put up (and lit for the entire evening) their Christmas lights yesterday.

PS #2: I didn't open the email. I don't like high-pressure sales tactics ;-)