Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Refrigerator to Match My iPhone!

If my kitchen was this color scheme and size (maybe next go around :-)) - I'd totally buy this refrigerator... because it's the same color as my iPhone. "Boom!" to accessorizing like a champ.

They call the color "sunset bronze" but to me it's totally "champagne". Read more at the Styled, Staged, Sold blog on

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I have no idea what this ad is for...

I have no idea what this ad is for in Elle Decor... But I'll take two please :-)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dining room bench seating?

I love the look, but when I have friends over for dinner, the conversation and cocktails continue long after the meal.

I'm not sure a bench screams "kick back", much less "kick back and let's share stories over another round of drinks and dessert".

Anyone opted for dining room benches who can vouch for the comfort or lack thereof?

Image via Elle Decor, April 2014

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Yes to these!

A Fausto Puglisi and Casadei collaboration produces the heels that I think are a must for non-flip flop coastal weddings this summer! (via Elle magazine, March 2014)

Elle at Kohls

The thought of shopping at Kohls always stresses me out because the merchandise always seems so overwhelming and disheveled... But I'd go on the hunt for this dress:

It is perfect for work and after work cocktails!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

#WorkDressWednesday - Banana Republic's New Issa London Collection

Saw this nice little look at the latest from Banana in my Facebook feed today, courtesy of People magazine's StyleWatch Style Hunters program. Here are some of my favorite dresses... because after all, it is #WorkDressWednesday (Twitter | Instagram) today! These will be available on August. 9 - Friday!

I really am a sucker for a great wrap dress. How much does this one... 

...remind you of this royal dress rocked by Kate?

 Ok, this one I *have* to have:

Sold like I am? See the promotional spot for the new London collection here - although the marketer in me is disappointed it shows NO PRODUCT... PS: Banana, I'm available for consulting ;-):

Happy #WorkDressWedneday-ing, y'all!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Just Pinned...

There's nothing like a new pair of tennis shoes to get one motivated to take herself to the gym... and I love just how much these make my little eco-conscious heart flutter! (And yes, I pinned them - with a quickness.)

newSKY by New Balance:
The upper of these shoes are designed from 95% recycled PET plastics (think: water bottles). Talk about full-circle!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What a thoughtful holiday reminder!

I got this in my email inbox this week from Express:
Happy Holidays!

Dear Lisa Jeffries,

This is a reminder that you have available credit on your Express Credit Card account.* Remember that when you use your Express Credit Card, every dollar you spend earns you one point, and you can receive rewards certificates for every 250 points you earn!**
You know, nothing like a "just in case you're broke, you've got credit with us!" reminder just in time for the holiday season.

And I'd just like to throw out there a "of course I have credit, there is no balance on that credit card". Which, by the way, is a phenomenal feeling to not have to remember to pay a bill! ;-)

PS: Did I mention that I actually opened that email because the subject line was: "Important: Available Credit Information for your Express Credit Card". Tricky, tricky!

Monday, August 29, 2011

I. Need. This. Bag.

There are three women that I know off the top of my head that need this bag immediately. I am one of them. (The other two are Lisa S. and Adrianne, in case you were interested.)

I dig the T.T. bag, too - but this O.G. bag from Lo & Sons has my over-committed name all over it. And what's not to love about the purple/lilac interior and gold hardware?

I may at some point own both (but not right now at almost $300.00/each), but until then, I'm going to opt for the O.G. because I almost always wear heels, but it's not always practical to do a lot of walking or traveling in them. So it's a great option for hiding away shoes on the go.

I think I saw CamilleStyles tweet about this bag? That must have been it. And it must have been fate!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Oh Yeah...

...and sorry for disappearing for like 4 months. My bad!

You know, life... work... all those shenanigans have kept me away from blogging more regularly.

I Don't Even Know if I Have Any Muslim Readers Here...

...but Muslim or not, there's nothing to not love about Haute Hijab!

I love how Melanie, designer/buyer/founder/overall-inspiring-girl, has taken something that could be considered humdrum and tilted it toward the fashion-forward - all while staying true to her founding principle of "[offering] modest yet fashionable apparel catered toward Muslim women".

These pictures are just beautiful and I've already seen so many fantastic vintage scarves in her collection that I would've loved to own had they not already sold out!

Wondering how you could add these beautiful splashes of color to your look? Take a look at her blog post, "Accessorize Your Scarf!"

Haute Hijab is actually putting an entire line of apparel into production and the vintage scarves they curated were just the starting point. Here's to checking back soon and seeing equally as awe-inspiring new collections from HH.

Keep up the great work, Melanie!

Thursday, December 23, 2010 is on Santa's Good List this Year!

I'm a member of's affiliate program and they must have been reading my tweets and posts on about last-minute shopping, because they sent me the following email yesterday:
Place your order between 6:00 PM Eastern on December 22 and 6:00 PM Eastern on December 23 and you will receive a free upgrade to overnight shipping. There is no code necessary, and no minimum order size required to receive the upgrade. Just add any item to your cart, proceed to check-out, select a delivery address within the Continental US, and relax! Your order will be delivered by December 24th, just in time!

No minimum order?! Wow!

If you're interested in taking advantage of this deal, I would really appreciate you using the following link: Free Upgrade to Free Overnight Shipping on all Domestic Orders at! Get it by Christmas Eve!

As an affiliate, they pay me a small percentage commission on any orders that come from by blog. If you want to know more about how affiliate marketing works and how you can get involved, drop me an email at and I'll give ya the skinny. I plan on also doing a mini-series on my business blog soon about this topic!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

More Eco-Friendly Shoes...

I've been telling a lot of people lately about how it's actually not THAT hard to go eco-friendly, and even cruelty-free altogether (no animal skins or furs), with shoes and accessories. (Seriously y'all, it's Easy Being Green!) So I thought I'd share some resources that make it easy-peasy to find eco-friendly shoes - and a few of my favorite recent eco-friendly finds.

Best shoe site ever. So of course they make it easy!
"For those who have tried, finding non-leather shoes can be a daunting, almost impossible, task. Specifically for those kind individuals, here's a collection of vegetarian shoes for secure, cruelty-free peace of mind. With advances in synthetic manufacturing, non-leather materials are now virtually identical to their genuine counterparts, but with none of the guilt."

You can even leave your email on that page to be notified when new vegetarian products are added. Genius! (That's also REALLY smart marketing right there.)

Zappos also has a kick-ass e-commerce feature which allows you to show product results based on categories of your choosing. I chose womens, eco-friendly, shoes and received 476 results -! The only problem is what flies as "eco-friendly" isn't always cruelty-free. Zappos does do a great job however of describing their products well and detailing what all parts of the shoes (upper, sole, etc.) are made of - and I appreciate that.

I'm really diggin' Timberland's new "Earthkeepers" collection, but they're not leather and suede free unfortunately. Timberland would totally have my vote if they were using recycled leather like they are recycled PET (plastic bottles). I would have no problem buying shoes that reclaimed leather from old shoes instead of using new leather, for what it's worth.

They have a fun ad campaign running for this line, too:

Both shoes retail on Zappos for $194 - see each online by clicking on the images above.

The Timberland Earthkeepers Granby ($174) (pictured below) would also be flawless if not made from suede.

Now here's a cool winter boot from The North Face which is cruelty-free and made from recycled raw materials!

The Nuptse Knee High (pictured at right) retails for $170 at Zappos -

According to the site, the sole's are pretty high-tech, too:
"Durable TNF Winter Grip ™ rubber outsole with Ice Pick™ temperature-sensitive rubber snowflake lugs. Ice Pick™ rubber hardens when the temperature falls below freezing to provide ultimate biting traction".

Keep reading for more shoe finds later in the week!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

For the Princess in All of Us...

If you gotta work, might as well look good doing it, right?
Crystal Desk Accessories - $9.95-$29.95 at ZGallerie.

The most overused, but still super cute design of 2010... I have a few design junkie friends who Keep Calm pencils would be perfect for!
Keep Calm and Carry On Pencil Set - $10.95 at ZGallerie.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Garmz - For Realz

I'm going to go on the record here and tell y'all that my homie Sonny Byrd actually came up with this idea first, but apparently someone outside of the States beat him to market. (I'm still encouraging him to be first to market here in the US, for what it's worth ;-).) (And in full disclosure, I have no idea if he was really first, but let's just all be good sports and assume he really was.)

Back to the post at hand here, Sonny sent me an email this morning with the following subject line: "FML". He was a little bummed to see the following site making waves in the fashion world before he could.

is a site that allows designers to upload their designs to the site, have the population at large vote on them, and possibly some day, see them go to production. Garmz then shares the sales revenue with the original designer. The concept totally breaks down the barriers to entry typically found in the fashion world and can potentially get trends to market seasons ahead of traditional fashion houses and retail brands.

You can read more about this cool new concept on their site at (and vote on the latest designs!) and also join in on the fun on facebook at

Two front page looks I love that I voted for already:
Dazzle Me Dress by Willy D. of London

Gold Number by Shibbyinc

Don't let this take the wind out of your sails, Sonny... there's room for everyone!

{Images: via and respective submitting designers}