Saturday, February 28, 2009

Scouted: February 28th, 2009

Quite a few of the bloggin' girls that I follow have found some very shareworthy must-haves recently.

Let's jump right in!

"Mass Customization"
Mass customization is one of the first concepts I learned about in my textile degree as it's been all the rage in the industry for quite sometime. As consumers, we all want to fit in, but at the same time be unique.Beaufort Belle has quite the "mass customization" find from LL Bean:

Well now you can truly customize it. Check out CUSTOM TOTE BAG at LL Bean.

Perfection for Just Pennies

Lauren from Adventures of a Southern Newlywed just posted this Old Navy find. I must have one in each color. A perfect fitting trench just makes one look so pulled together! In addition to Lauren's finds, I found these online for $17.25 - $24.75.
I was out of town last week for work. The area I visited didn't have many shopping options, but there was a new shopping center there. The Old Navy had a ton of stuff on sale. I bought this red belted trench rain coat for $24. There were tons of cute things at Old Navy right now. I was very pleasantly surprised.


Our seriously Southern friends at the Carolina Cup are keeping up their blogging with some fabulously cuppery trends.

Dressed to Impress

Hat Fan
From Lilly Dresses to the best in elaborate hats, be sure to check in regularly with the 'Cup and subscribe via Google Reader!

Bring on your scouted favorites!

(Images: All from original brands' site. Linked to respective homepage or product page.)

"I Ain't Never Had a Problem with California..."

(If you're not a country music fan, you might not sing a little song in your head from the reference that today's post title makes.)

I have some exciting news for you California girls - if you're already subscribed to EcoStiletto's email newsletter, this might not be too new to you, but it's so buzz-worthy, nonetheless!

The fabulously eco-chic Rachel at EcoStiletto shared the details for this not to be missed event in L.A. coming up on March 10th. Be sure to mark your calendars if you're in the Los Angeles area during that time!If you're in Los Angeles next month (or just like to travel), stop by our second-annual EcoStiletto Green Girl's Night Out for Dress for Success at Intuition in Los Angeles from 7 to 10 p.m. on March 10th and enjoy free signature cocktails from BASH Eco Events, Green Works Natural Cleaning Products freebies and mini makeovers from Terra Firma cosmetics so you can sign the Teens Turning Green Lips Against Lead petition, hosted by the Green Youth Movement.I am so jealous of all of the Cali girls who will get to attend this! I would totally hop on a plane for the trip if I hadn't gone a little budget overboard in Vegas earlier this month. Oops - it was SO worth it though!

PS: The event will be benefiting the local affiliate of one of my favorite organizations, Dress For Success! Kudos to EcoStiletto and Intuition for this little extra bonus -Remember to bring your gently-used, work-appropriate shoes to donate and we'll show you the hottest styles in eco-friendly footwear, plus Intuition's amazing Jaye Hersh has generously agreed to donate 15% of all sales to Dress for Success; BYOB(ag) and you get 5% more off.Yay - fun event AND a great cause!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Deal on Jack Rogers

You can thank the sorority message board for this one :-)My roommate who is in Sigma Kappa got this e-mail from a sister who is working for a research firm in New York who is doing research for Jack Rogers. Long story short, she sent me the e-mail and if you fill out the survey at the end there is a code to recieve 30% of Jack Rogers, it is legitimate I have done this!

Jack Rodgers Survey Link:

At the end of the survey you will receive a code for *30% OFF* a pair of Jack Rodgers shoes at

(Just thought I'd share the wealth!)
Not too shabby!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Poll: What Do YOU Call Them?

(This pretty image can be purchased on!)

My previous post has spurred some discussion as to what name you call flip flops by. I thought it would be a fun poll and interesting to see when it's all said and done if it varies by region, etc.

Click on through and you should see the poll at the top of the right sidebar and share your preference, please!

Feel free to drop a comment on what you call them if you choose "Other".

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

They're Like Sorority Shirts... for Southerners!

Well, "sorority shirts" and "Southerners" aren't particularly mutually exclusive (in case your degrees didn't require two statistics courses) either though.

Back to the point - all the rage amongst the Southern bloggers lately (including one of my personal favorites):
Their categories seem to encompass three major areas of apparel - t-shirts, thongs, and accessories. Yup, you read that right. Apparently though, thongs are getting their own section, they must hot sellers. But you ladies would never tell, right? *See note at bottom.

Why do I feel like the following is something that Lisa S. and I have said to friends (and younger sisters, alike):For Adrianne:I can't see youuuuuuuu:
Ok, that's enough. Y'all can look through the gallery just as well as I can.

Back to my original point -

Two thumbs up!

PS - It definitely took 10 more minutes of wandering around that site to figure out that thongs, weren't "thongs". They were FLOPS. Mind out of the gutter Lisa, mind out of the gutter! *Slaps forehead* (Like I said though, we call them flops here. Flip flops or the branded options - "Rainbows" or "Jack Rogers", to be exact.)

PS #2 - Free shipping on all orders! Done. Deal.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

So Many Shareworthy Posts Today...

Man, today was a good day for my Google Reader... and it's only 1:15pm (est).

From around the blogosphere:Purple Armchair Closes, Get Dressed Opens - more consignment choices in Downtown Raleigh!

I Heart Steve - modern, chic, and cheap cocktail glasses at Crate & Barrel for $1.95 each!

$10 off $10 at DSW - thanks Sue!

In a Clutch! - Really, really great clutches that look fantastic with this bride's wonderful bridesmaid dresses choice.

Big Wardrobe - "free, ethical, stylish way to recycle your wardrobe"


(Images: Linked to sources.)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

February Sale at Beleza

Thanks to co-owner Sara for the email about Beleza's February specials!

Local readers, be sure to take advantage of these deals at Cameron Village a.s.a.p.Colors of the Month...RED and PINK - receive 25% off any jewelry with any red or pink in it.
(That's right! We've gone from the usual 20% to 25% off to celebrate Valentine's!)

Many items up to 50% off in our newly remodeled side room.
More items added to this special room every week!

Awesome new purses from the Philippines - beautiful colors as well as great styles with excellent designs.

Incredible new pearl and mother of pearl jewelry with great designs including the very popular large mother of pearl beads and nuggets - beautiful colors as well as traditional white and pink.

Exciting new shipment of stainless steel hinged cuffs from Brazil with over 20 new designs

New shipment of bark art paintings from Uganda

Greatly expanded collection of remarkable murano glass jewelry
PS - They are now offering a few great services... one of which (jewelry repair) I will be looking into right away for the pieces I have that aren't getting put into rotation because they need a little fix!Need jewelry repaired? Bring it to us and we'll be glad to do this if possible.

Need that special jewelry for a wedding or any event? Our designers are ready to help by making what you'd like to wear. Bring your outfit to match with our outstanding selection of materials for you to choose from.
Perfect timing!

Monday, February 2, 2009

A Southern Accent's Thrifty, Nifty eBay Series

I do love eBay, my schedule is just usually too erratic to keep up with anything that might make it down to the last few hours.

Nonetheless, I LOVE A Southern Accent's idea for a mini-series on picking up killer deals on fashion must-haves:Thrifty, Nifty eBay: Polka Dots

...So, up for today, everything polka dots. I was inspired by this search because my friend Katy has this great polka dot scarf she bought at the J. Crew outlet. I knew I wouldn't be getting there soon, so the first place I went was eBay....

Check out her first round of fab finds!

Any Lollia Fans Out There?

I can't stand dirty hands and apparently, it's finally taking a toll as the back of my hands are straight up DRY lately. Adrianne and I have been chatting about how this seems to be a particularly dry winter - I've personally never had to beef up the moisturizer for my face until this year.

Anyways, back to the Lollia reference. I've yet to jump on the bandwagon, but apparently, this is something I've sorely missed out upon as Mandy's been telling me about it for ages. To prove her love for this product, it's her featured giveaway this week.
Just leave a comment directly on the picture on facebook and "Become a Fan" of Swagger Gifts' facebook page to be entered to win. If one of my readers wins, please let me know so I can invite you to come back and guest blog here about it :-)