Wednesday, April 29, 2009

WANT: I Must Have These Boots

Love at first sight... I am not even kidding.

I WILL have these. ASAP.

Double ASAP because they are only $160.00, which if you know boots, you know that's a steal for beautiful boots. (Especially because you can get them re-soled time after time again.

Boys may come and go, but great boots last forever.

Also totally loving these.

I need to start bartending so I can have cash money coming in on the regular that's not already accounted for something. HAH! (Notice my terrible logic here: Not so I can save it, but so I can indulge in a ridiculous boot collection!)

Everyone's got their vices - I just wish mine didn't come in so many different styles, colors, and finishes!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Greenwashing is So Last Season

I'm pretty over greenwashing - all kinds of over it, in fact.

It really bugs me that I received an email today with an Earth Day sale advertising "20% off everything green"... eco-sketchy!

20% off bags made from recycled plastics? Fabulous!
20% off soft tees made from organic cotton? OK!

20% off something "green" that was shipped from across the globe? C'mon now, it's Earth Day tomorrow... not St. Patty's (I'm not a hater though - by all means, go for it on St. Patty's day)! I don't think Mother Nature would approve.

The Nature Conservancy has a cool calculator for your carbon footprint here. It's not all encompassing, but it's a nice little "home" gauge, for how you're doing at home. I'm happy to say we're below average (wooh, hah!) and half of our consumption comes from travel, which would be hard to cut down more. I'm game to give it a try though!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

{Double Post} Dress for Success Auction & Show

As I've mentioned many times before, my area has just gotten its own Dress for Success local affiliate and I am a proud volunteer!

We have an online auction going on right now with some great items up for grabs... check it out!

Success Suits Her Gift Bags and Free Tickets to the Southern Women's Show are up for grabs!
Our auction is being held in conjunction with this year's Southern Women's Show April 24-26 at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds. Make a donation of at least $25 prior to the show and you will receive admission to the show, as well as a "Success Suits Her" gift bag in appreciation of your support. Visit our booth (613/615) to receive your bag filled with great products (including over $50 of Burt's Bees personal care products) and discount coupons for valuable savings.
Speaking of which, the Dress for Success fashion show at the Southern Women's Show:April 25th at 4:00pm
Dress for Success - NC Triangle Affiliate will have a fashion show at the Southern Women's Show featuring clients wearing Dress for Success clothing. Sue Stock (N&O) and Sonya Williams (Tarheel Talk) will share wardrobe stretching tips, reveal the hottest bags from Beijo and most importantly, celebrate each woman's success. Please be there and support these great women on this special day.
Thanks for reading - please feel free to share/repost/etc.!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

New Cotton Campaign

I love Cotton (notice the capitalization) - the world HQ actually happens to be in my own backyard in Cary, NC. The "fabric of our lives" jingle will probably stick in my head from childhood, clear through the rest of my life.

That personal side note aside, they have a really cute new campaign out featuring one of my favorites - Miranda Lambert! Others include Zooey Deschanel and Jazmine Sullivan.

Check it out: The Fabric of Our Lives

PS: Free music downloads also included on the site!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Calling All Raleigh and Wilmington Readers

This came to me via our executive director of our local Dress for Success affiliate - verrrrry cool things going on here.

About Style Swap
"Style-conscious women find a way to recession-proof their closets."

After reading an article about the growing trend of “swishing” parties in England, Jess James had a thought – why not take “swapping” to the next level? She imagined a “Style Swap” event where women of all ages, sizes and with a range of styles could come together to share their closets while they “economize and socialize.”

Starting in July 2007, Jess James and her partner Shannon Dunne of James + Dunne Styling hosted the first bi-monthly “Style Swap” where women arrived with a few clothing items and accessories and left with items from other fashionistas’ closets. Each guest is given personalized tags to mark the items of their choice leaving their sartorial karmic fate to be determined by drawings and for the most coveted items of the night – a good old- fashioned game of musical chairs!

After each Style Swap, any left-over items are donated to Vintage Values, Bargain Box or Dress for Success. Not only are Style Swaps a fabulous night of frugal fashion - they are also eco-chic and a great excuse to clean out your closet!

Here are the details for the upcoming Style Swap in Raleigh:
Date: Thursday, April 30th
Time: 7-9pm
Location: White Collar Crime - Downtown Raleigh

"Hey Recessionistas! - Looking for some guilt-free shopping with instant gratification? If you want to look good without feeling the pinch on your pocketbook, come to Raleigh's ultra stylish, eco-friendly STYLE SWAP."

* Yummy bites from your favorite local restaurants, $4 cocktails + wine specials
* Sponsored “swap” items + fabulous prizes from your favorite stores
* Beauty Station

Fashionable (designer + vintage) items that have been hibernating in your closet!
1 gently worn item (on hanger) + 1 accessory

Please bring gently worn suits, accessories (including purses and briefcases) and/or shoes to benefit Dress for Success. Think, what you would wear on an interview or to give a big presentation at work!

To email Style Girl Jess James for more info Click Here.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Prettiest {Eco-Friendly} Shoes You've Ever Seen

This month's EcoStiletto giveaway shoes are SO beautiful... I should not even share this so I could increase my odds of winning, but I love y'all... so here ya go:Told ya... SO pretty. They are custom made and even have your initials stamped on the sole as a finishing touch. BALLER.

Of course, the $595 price tag is just a hair out of my price range (you know, just a tad bit). Winning these would be aweeeesome. In case you hadn't read before here, EcoStiletto gives away a pair of sassy, eco-friendly shoes every month. Clearly, you want to be on that list. Just enter the giveaway and you'll get the regular scoop.

I also really love their new t-shirt, too:$18. Now that's a purchase that I can afford. ;-)

PS - This post isn't sponsored by EcoStiletto or anything... I just really love what Rachel is doing with her company, so I feel compelled to give her props!