Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Around Town: Wardrobe Repurposing

How do you take wardrobe pieces that don't work individually (either for fit or season) and extend their presence in your closet? Mix and match!

The white with blue polka dots cap-sleeve button-down I have on the bottom layer of this of this outfit is super cute, but too short (as a short girl with a long torso, this is a common problem for me) - so I usually have to wear it with a long tank under it.

The cream/khaki colored tube top layer usually only gets to be worn during the summer (it's reversible with super cute stripes, just FYI).

Put them together... perfect for fall's cooler temps!

PS - Click on the image to enlarge.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Bevello Follow-Up: Denim Love at First Sight

I moseyed on over to Bevello the last time I was in Beleza, and I was totally just going to look... I swear!

But of course, I walked out with these. It's a sickness, and I should be in therapy. But seriously, a good pair of jeans cannot be ignored. Especially a pair with such beautiful embellishments on the pockets!

the Rock Revival Stephanie boot-cut

Nevermind the "Stephanie" name, they should call these jeans, "Gloriousness in Denim"!

I should have gotten the size smaller like the super helpful and friendly sales girl recommended (shame on me), but since they've got some stretch, I thought it was best to go up to the 26 (or was it the 25?). Anywho, they're a *tad* loose, but they still look HOT.

Can't wait for my next Bevello shopping trip!

PS: Big "Thanks!" to my always awesome Mom for shortening the hem on them for me. Being 5' 2'', jeans always are about 6'' too long for me. THANKS MOM!!!!! NOW they're really perfect!

PS #2: Bevello has launched a fantastic new website! Do yourself a favor and check it out A.S.A.P., I swear you'll double love it.

PS #3: In checking out the Rock Revival website, I'm a bit wigged out to see I'm wearing the same jeans as Tito Ortiz and Jenna Jameson (ugh), but whatever, I guess it could be worse. The BF, who is a MMA fan, thought it was HILARIOUS when I made this discovery last week. (Hopefully he'll forget the whole porn star reference and let that one die.)

{Image: Jeans -, website -}

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Under $20: (And) Soooo Pretty!

As you may or may not know (if you've read any of my blogs throughout the holidays last year), I'm not a fan of promoting the December holidays... ummm... now. Just let me have Halloween and then yo can go crazy.

Unfortunately, the rest of the marketing world doesn't listen all that well. I'm ok with this though, because it's just a preview... you can't even buy them yet. But boy will I be!

How cute?! Coming this fall to mark for $12 (shower gels and moisture milk sets) and $10 (bath balls set).

My sister can most likely expect some in her stocking this year ;-) Here's a link if you want to check out what's new and available right now. I will definitely update when the holiday goodies are available for sale!

If you can't wait, Swagger has some equally as cute (and super delicious looking) bath goodies available right now.

Say it with me now, "Nom! Nom! Nom!" (Although they do look good enough to eat, I don't suggest it.)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Vietri Outlet

If you've ever traveled I-40 West around Greensboro/High Point and then back (paging Lisa S.!), I'm sure you've seen the Vietri billboard and wanted to go.

After catching up on some Home Accents Today and Gifts and Decorative Accessories headlines today, I was reminded to Google Vietri!

Not only do they have an outlet, but they also have what looks to be a nice little "insider" (frequent buyer) club.

A quick tweet (which published to facebook yielded these kind of responses from my local friends):Any Vietri stories to share?

{Images: Vietri website and my facebook ;-)}

Sale at Fab'rik & Other Cameron Village Neighbors

One of my favorite local shops (that has lots of great style and affordable price points), is having a great sale to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Cameron Village!

(Note: The website says Atlanta, but I got it from their twitter, so hopefully they'll get their internet presence ducks in a row ASAP so it won't confuse anyone else like it did me.)

2039 Cameron St
Raleigh, NC 27605-1310
(919) 833-1210

Beleza - A Fair Trade Boutique 919-832-4775
• Sale Jewelry 60% off
• Spend $60, get a $10 Gift Certificate to use on a return visit through 10/31
• Spend $120, get a $25 Gift Certificate to use on a return visit through 10/31

Francesca’s 919-829-8250
• In store Coupon, 20% off a single regular price item!
• Sale Merchandise


I know, if you're a local reader, it's kind of absurd to mention coats already (it's still fairly consistently warm here), but if you're ready to clean out your closet... here's some great motivation from NC retailer, Great Outdoor Provision Company!

Save 20% on a jacket* when you donate a gently used one Oct 1-12, 2009.

*Excludes vests, pullovers and a few jacket styles - over 50 styles qualify for the discount!

Thanks for your support! In 2008 our customers brought in 2561 coats to be donated to local missions.

Full details online at

{Image: GOPC website}