Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Express Gets It Right!

One of my biggest personal pet peeves are when businesses don't know what they're doing on facebook and they make themselves into a personal profile or a group. *Ugh!* (In case you didn't know, Pages are where businesses belong for many, many reasons I won't get into here, but here on my business blog.)

Anyways, I digress - I went online today to pay my Express credit card bill (is anyone else glad they stopped calling it "Club Expess"? I thought it was wayyy cheesy) and saw this:Sweet!

FYI - They're having one of their good sales if you're willing to hunt for the good stuff.

PS: Whatever you do... don't get a Express credit card. They're dangerous!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Gift Ideas: For Your Favorite Vodka Drinker!

I know quite a few bloggin' gal pals who I'd give this next gift to :-)

(Lisa S. and Renee... consider this recommendation my e-gift to you all!)

From Ideal Bite:

Tru Vodka - get 'em toasty with liquor produced with fewer pesticides. This vodka's organic, goes down smoothly, and the company plants a tree for each bottle it sells. Also: lemon- and vanilla-infused flavors ($33).
Booze with a conscience. I love it!!

PS - Ooh, they have gin, too! That's SO for Denise. When was the last time you heard about Tanqueray planting trees?

WANT: Monogrammed Cell Phone Case

So my new phone was launched last week... and I still can't figure out why the folks at Sprint (I would obvi never blame a customer service issue on Nextel since those didn't exist before the merger) haven't gotten the site fixed so I can find ringtones that are compatible and cell phone covers that fit.

Not that I expected anything cute or monogrammed anyway... but a girl can always count on her friends!

From Renee's blog:

Because this has happened to me one too many times, my mother stuffed my stocking '07 with this adorable cell phone holder. The kind I have has a little clip on the back. I love it and try to remember to use it more often than not. One downfall is the size of cell phones these days. I'm not sure a lot of the newer models would fit.

Although it's not Swagger, this one store has created iPod Holders to keep up with the times. They're cute too and are equpped with arm bands for people who run or even like to simply frequent the gym. A lady would even consider matching her holder with her tennis shoes. They're are so many cute boys at the gym. I'll save that blog for another day! I would love to sell these monogrammed goodies via this blog but I will wait until I convince people at Swagger to get some in.

Note: I didn't have the patience for uploading a picture of my actual cellphone holder with it's monogrammed R. This is from another site with an L for someone special I know!
Perfect for the iPod and the crackberry! I told her I've already got the Swagger boss on it :-D

Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Shopping Fix from the Rooftop Bar

I've been told that apparently my New Years Eve crew has dinner reservations at Solas... this will be my first trip there, actually... so we'll see how fabulous (and hopefully not a lack there of) we get treated on NYE.

While you make your NYE plans, be sure to check out today's Shopping Fix from Cary Magazine. They've kicked their fun (locally-inspired!) videos up a notch by including places to buy and price right along side Heather's commentary.

The Shopping Fix: Festive Fashion from S&A Cherokee on Vimeo
PS - I won't mind if you skip the fur. Go for faux fur... you'll save a bundle! ;-)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Stimulating the Economy...

Mary Phillips style!

Koozies range from $3.50 to $6.00. Make some new friends at the bar (with your same great snarky attitude) and fill those stockings with (spiked) cheer!

WANT: Socket Deer

One of my sorority sisters, Whitney, shared this on her fantastic blog today. I have a charging station at home for my gadgets (and BF's, too), but I love these and would put them to good use at home, at work, everywhere...
Socket Deer

found via swiss miss

Be sure to subscribe to Whitney's blog while you're there! You'll LOVE it. Promise.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Little Hanky Panky?

How cute are these?

Available in many styles ($18-$26) at Nordstrom.
I don't know how I feel about $26/each and one size fits sizes 2-14 (WTF), but friends I know who have these... aren't ever going back to VS.

Many thanks to What Junebug Loves for reminding me about these in their holiday gift list!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Gift Ideas: For Your Beauty Queen with a Conscience

Continuing on my series on gift ideas from last week, here's another feature from the Ideal Bite email newsletter, and a product that has come highly-recommended in the blogworld by Adventures of Southern Newlywed. I have so many girls on my list that these would be great for, that I won't even try to narrow it down to one friend.
ecoTOOLS Bamboo 5 Piece Brush Set with Case

(Pictured from

At only $10.99, these are a steal and are crafted from very renewable bamboo and the non-animal bristles apparently shed a lot less.
Who wouldn't appreciate this eco-pretty set? A great gift or stocking stuffer, I'd say!

Swagger's facebook Friday

Last week's giveaway is a fine complement to the previous week's stemless wine glasses:Monogrammed Double Old Fashion Glasses

If you don't win, you can still snag them from Swagger for only $30.00 - a great price for personalized glassware!

PS - Dishwasher safe... wooh!
Be sure to comment on the photo on Swagger's facebook page to be entered to win a set (for yourself or for a fantastic holiday gift for the non-wino on your list) and while you're there, click on "Become a Fan" (top right) so you'll get updated every week and not miss a single giveaway!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Gift Ideas: For Your Eco-Gal-Pal

This is what I'd love to get Renee for the holidays:

Oceana - adopt an endangered sea creature in someone's name, and they'll get a cookie cutter in the shape of the critter you select ($35-$100).
Thanks Ideal Bite! I'm looking forward to tomorrow's daily email with green gifts fro $20-$49!

Ooh - while I'm at it, check out this nice little site:I just signed up for their email newsletter, too. Here's hoping the content is as appealing as the site design!

Monday, December 1, 2008


...has some great one-liners:"I don't know what tree he picks his money from, but I don't have one so.. I'm like 'chill buddy'."In reference to her new hubby's Christmas wish list which includes "some ear muff things" for hunting (totally technical term) that are like $150 and a laser scope for his gun and some other little gadget (again, totally technical term) ranging in the $250's.

Luckily, he is also a HUGE Wolfpack fan and fellow NCSU alum, so she can add a few stocking stuffers without breaking the bank thanks to the Alumni Collection's two-day event:Two Day End of the Year Sale!
Up to 75% off the entire collection!

DAY 1:
Monday, Dec 1 - 9AM-6PM

Only at:
Park Alumni Center
2450 Alumni Drive
Raleigh, NC 27606

DAY 2:
Tuesday, Dec 2 - 12AM-11:59PM

Only online at:

The NC State Alumni Collection is open to everyone.
*Alumni Association member discount does not apply during the sale.
Up to 75% off ain't too shabby, huh?