Monday, July 28, 2008

WANT: Presh Anchor Earrings

Nautical by Nature is a blogging girl after my own heart.

Not only is her blog layout so freakin' adorable that it makes me want to abandon my Google Reader so that I can enjoy everyone's cute layouts again for a second (seriously, only for a second, the amount of time I spend on blogs would quadruple I'm sure) but she always has the best boaty stuff for a girl in my industry.

Current "WANT" (said with the most sincere conviction):Anchor stud earrings profiled in her post today... here's hoping they end up on sale for less than $99! (Click the picture to link to them online!)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

New Shop on the Block

I swear I had a previous post on this blog or on my Southern blog about the closing of Holly Aiken's shop on Glenwood Avenue, but I just can't find it!

Anyways, reports some great news for retail addicts who like to keep it local in Raleigh: Holly Aiken to Open New Shop in Downtown RaleighThe new store will be located at Hargett and Wilmington streets in Downtown Raleigh and will open in August!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday Night Quickie...

The past week and this weekend have been insanity, but I'll be back to my blogging ways in a few days - don't worry. (And trust me, I have all kinds of great stuff saved up!)

For those of you who (like me) may have done a little damage to the shopping budget this weekend by spending it at the local watering holes, it's cool - Uniquities and Uniquities Mix (the North Hills boutique) are having a last chance sale!

75% off sale merchandise through Monday!

(PS - No price adjustments allowed, duh.)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Need Another Reason... shop at Scout & Molly's?

How about 40-50% off EVERYTHING?

From Lisa @ Scout & Molly's email:Scout & Molly's
Exclusive One Day Sale

Everything in WALK and Scout & Molly's is 40-50% off!

One day only!
Thursday, July 24th

Please note that all sales are final!
I'm SO there.

It's Only a Matter of Time...

...until we see a fabulous clothing retailer added to the following line-up - I'm sure of it. Now, the tough part will be luring me past my beloved Cameron Village a bit further down the road to The Oberlin!Shops at Oberlin Court, McCrimmon Corners land retailersAny guesses who might be first to take the plunge into this new retail area?

Monday, July 21, 2008

Reminder: Catwalk for the Cure Model Search

I'm really excited to meet everyone at the model search tomorrow night! Here's some reminder info we've been putting out on facebook, MySpace, etc. about tomorrow's event:
Hello Buckhead Hotties,

If you are planning on trying out for our CatWalk for the Cure fashion show, which is being held at Buckhead Saloon on August 23rd please arrive at Buckhead tomorrow (Tuesday) by 7pm!

We will not be open to the public, this is only an event for those that want to participate in this great cause. Don't forget, all proceeds are benefiting the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation)!!

Thanks and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow night!

PS - Everyone is welcome to bring friends to join in!!

Any questions or anything? Feel free to leave me a comment or email me anytime tonight or tomorrow for more info!

Thanks in advance to everyone who is helping to make this event a great success in raising money for the JDRF!

Friday, July 18, 2008

This is NOT Looking Good...

...for my bank account.

The sidewalk sales I previously mentioned, are getting all sorts of even more enticing! Direct from Uniquities' morning email:Up to 80% off at Cameron Village and take an additional 20% off items with pink ribbons on the hangers at the North Hills Uniquities Mix location (some designers up to 75% off)!If you'll read one of my original posts here... you'll find my statement that I'll always stand behind that the Uniquities sales are some of the BEST opportunities in the world to pick up some awesome high-end wardrobe items (some staple items, too that never go out of style - like great blazers and jeans) at amazing steals! VERY budget friendly :-)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

You ae Going to Come Home with Me!

The monogrammed hangers featured on The Preppy Wedding would look AWESOME hanging in any closet!
Guess where I am today?

"...Here's a list of my top 5 this summer:
- Monogrammed Hangers. Totally customizable. Seriously, this is a preppy person's dream.
- Williams Sonoma Monogrammed Carafe. This would be awesome as a bed-side table standby. Totally chic.
- Personalized Birch Tree Mugs. How super romantic and unique. This would make me smile every morning while sipping my diet coke (I'm not a coffee person quite yet). Thanks to Jessie for sending my way!
- Homemade Party Tub with a gift certificate to your local gourmet beer/wine store.
There is a great selection of monogram styles to choose from... so now the tough choice: commit to one design or mix and match? It is truly indeed a preppy dream come true!

Good Golly Miss Molly!

Talk about weekend sales... don't fall off the sidewalk for any of these!Sidewalk Sale Weekend from Sue Stock's blog

It is a sidewalk sale kind of weekend in Raleigh...

The merchants at Cameron Village are hosting their big sidewalk sale this weekend. The sale runs Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. ...

North Hills is also hosting a sidewalk sale on Friday and Saturday (hours vary by merchant).

And Seaboard Station's store owners are also hosting a sidewalk sale on Saturday (again, hours vary by merchant).

Shop your heart out!
I also received a email from Swoozies this morning noting discounts of 50-70% at their sidewalk sale... you really can't beat that!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just Say No

While I realize not a lot of my "hanging in my closet" blog readers are as local as my "growing up southern" blog... I think this still warrants posting on both:Avoid Carolina Bridal World Like the PlagueJust say "no" to bad retail karma!

After being in a wedding last year where I was SURE that the decision to order the dress from an online-only retailer would be damning (it actually wasn't - I wish I remembered the website so I could recommend them) - this place is wayyyyy worse than I would have ever imagined was possible in the highly-coveted bridal industry.

Monday, July 14, 2008

I'd Like to Say I Wouldn't...

...but let's face it: rain boots, cute summer shorts (even though they technically classify as "jorts"), and a vest over a cute tee.

Yep, I'd do this look
...and wouldn't have even realized it was hot.

Back to the "jort" thing... luckily, I'm located in the gorgeous South. If you've got the body to rock the super short and destroyed denim shorts - then I say work it. I don't think there are many other parts of the country where this could be pulled off without looking out of place.

PS - One of my favorite features of is that you can "shop this look" just by clicking on the image above! (However, since True Religion is selling above referenced jorts for $172.00 - you can probably just cut up old fitted jeans and get the same look for MUCH LESS!)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Coming Soon...

By special request:"So, I need a style report on these douche bags wearing backwards 80's hats[...] B/c apparently I missed something along the way."Geee-zus. That sounds stylish in NO SORT OF WAY possible. Any other special requests for this week? Feel free to leave any requests in the comments, via email, or on AIM: NCSULilWolf03.

I'm going to do some digging and try to find out who set these misguided souls on this path... and try and find a remedy as well.

Stay tuned!

"Handbag" Insanity

And I caaaaaaaaaaan't wait... it's going to be awesome. You KNOW I like my bags big.

From Swagger's Market Watch July '08 blog series:Market Watch July 08 - Day 6

Go Big or Go Home! I think that basically sums up the purses for the fall season! Everything is HUGE including the clutches! Which of course I love because if I can't put the kitchen sink in a handbag then I won't get it!:) We found a new handbag designer today and the purses were phenomenal!!! Here are a few pictures of some that I bought yesterday! If you like one let me know - because I only bought one of each - we can't have mulitple people in Cary with your fabulous bag now can we? Also, just to let you know , the fall handbags are similar to jewelry in that it is all about color! THE colors for handbags are Purple, Grey, Red and Navy!

Here are some pics:

Red purse

Purple Purse

Zebra Purse

Brown Purse

So I have lots more to tell you guys but since I had technical difficulties last night I couldn't write the blog until this morning and I need to get going for my LAST day of market! We have bought some many new fantastic lines I can't wait to share them with you guys! Keep checking the blog as I will let you know here when they start coming in!

This is going to be quite the buying frenzy for me...

Sad - I was interested in buying this domain even though I was sure it would already be taken, but to my utter disappointment, not only is it taken, but there's nothing really "local" about it. The concept is "compare local prices and save money" but to me - "shop local" - is about supporting businesses with local roots (usually independent and small businesses) and not your Targets, Circuit Citys, etc., etc.

Has anyone registered and used this site and noticed any significant savings making it at least somewhat useful, even though still sort of a fraud? I'm going to register and give it a go... but still, I'm seriously disappointed. Misrepresentation much?

(Oh, PS - I found out about this when I clicked a email link from my emailed Best Buy weekly flyer and the linked site was which is why I decided to investigate.)

Friday, July 11, 2008


Stupid UA emails... don't you guys know I'm trying to save up for a new Mac Book Pro/Air?

Anyways, here it goes: Women's HeatGear® Action Racerback $14.99

Women's HeatGear® UA Tech™ Short $21.99

Women's HeatGear® Active Boy Short $19.99

Workin' out (or helping Adrianne move yesterday) never looked so good! I need to buy stock in UA... I wonder if they're publicly traded? Oh... sweet... they are.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nautical Inspiration from Cora Boutique

If this dress came in navy, I'd be even more in love (it's ok, black and white are a closet staple). Bonus points: it's on sale!
Black & White Stripe Dress, $18.50 $16.50
This is a great casual dress, perfect for running errands or worn over your swimsuit to the pool! Model pictured in size M, however a S would have been a better fit.
Note to self: Must order ASAP.

Monday, July 7, 2008

New from Shop It To Me...

Shop It To Me RUNNING.

I like to go for a jog/run/walk with the dogs occasionally, but I'm not by any means what one would call a runner. Maybe that should become a new goal at some point...

Anyways, I couldn't help but think of fellow blogger's Running Just as Fast as I can and Barefoot in the Park when I read this today:PS - Tamra, from Shop It To Me, I promise to send you logo for my blog ASAP! I know I've been horribly behind in this department!

Oh Good Lord...

...that's a seersucker deal if I've ever seen one.

Two big thumbs up to my Monday/Thursday "Shop It To Me" Sale Alert for a killer heads up. (Here's the original post about Shop It To Me, if you don't remember what I'm talking about.)

Seriously, just sign up. You WON'T be disappointed.
Banana Republic Seersucker Blazer
Reg $120.00
Now $44.99
Sells out quickly!
New Price!

And natch, I can't forget a link to the Petite which is ALSO on sale - yay!
I think that will look perfect hanging in my closet next to my light yellow seersucker blazer.

(Yes, I'm a retail-addict. At least I can admit it.)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

This One's for the Boys...

For the sharp dressed men in your life!NV Clothes for Men
Trunk Show

July 10, 2008
5:30 PM to 7:30 PM.

Provided by MURA.

Featuring clothing from:
Verses Jeans
Aaron Patrick Custom Clothes
Metallic Spiral

*Spinning by Mosaic's Keith Ward*

Two Great Sales So You Can Shop LOCAL!

I was holding off a little to post these, but I figured people will start rolling back into town today (since we all have to head back to work tomorrow -- eww) and catch up on some blog reading ;-)Cora Boutique's First Sale Event Ever!
"We’ve got lots of new dresses and tops on their way so we’d like to clear out some older inventory to make room for them here at Cora Boutique. Enjoy the new marked down prices and remember that you can use your discount codes ON TOP of the sale prices!"


As an extra surprise for all of you who read this blog, a special treat from Cassie: "I'm so glad you like the store and wow--what a surprise to be featured in your blog! I would love to offer your readers a special discount of 20% off on all orders using the code INMYCLOSET20 at checkout."

Thanks girl!

Belle & Co. (2801 Ward Blvd - Suite 3A, Wilson, NC)
(via email) - 40-60%off all Spring & Summer!!!
New Markdowns start tomorrow!
Select Jeans, Michael Stars, Shoes and All Spring and Summer Clothing on Sale!
Shopaholics enjoy!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Beach It

I saw a little sign about this line in the bathroom of Cameron Bar & Grill (I know, random)... I think it's possibly the same girl who provided them with d├ęcor assistance (hinting at the reason for a framed sign in the bathroom).

Anyways, I'm not much for publishing about a new venture until you're really ready to get going, but I figured I'd give this a little link even though it doesn't appear to be possible to order online yet (or have any prices posted). I've emailed the site contact though and hoping to find out more info soon!

(Pictured: "Marigot", but I also really like the "Grand Case", too!)

Beach It
A hands free oversized tote. Just throw it on your shoulder and off to the beach you go! All your beach necessities fit into your one essential accessory!

BEACH IT™ is constructed of durable Sunbrella® fabric. Sunbrella® is the number one marine fabric in the world. BEACH IT™ can possibly hold up to four standard beach chairs, an umbrella, towels and so much more. Six generous pockets provide additional space for sunscreen, keys, even your favorite paperbacks! Comfortable shoulder straps allow ease of movement.
So there you have it, my local find from the bathroom of Cameron Bar & Grill.

The Look for Less

I was invited to join a new facebook group today (although, helloooooo fellow business girls... get with it... take your business to a facebook PAGE instead of a facebook group... you'll love the benefits of doing so) for Cora Boutique. Although the admins and the owner(s?) are UNC girls, I'll let that slide because I'm already really liking what I see.

Cora Boutique's blog has also been added to my daily reads. The ultimate reason - this post right here: The Look for Less: Lauren Conrad. I feel like owner Cassie and I must share some of the same genes... I too am a big fan of the California-inspired style of Lauren Conrad, but the prices on her new line... are too Cali for me.

As a brand management grad, I can totally relate to the whole "Branding Lauren Conrad"-concept but I think she'd be more successful with a more attainable price point strategy. But that's just my $0.02. [See: Selling Lauren Conrad from the WSJ.]

Anyways, back to Cora Boutique. Check them out (online only for the time being) and if you like it - let them know and give your fellow fashion loving girls some support!


How cute of a name is that? I'm also in love with the lime green packaging featured in "New Hobo" on Lauren's blog over at Adventures of a Southern Newlywed.

Here's her perfectly appropriate summary of"If you are not familiar, piperlime is owned by Gap brands. The website sells over 100 brands of shoes for men, women, boys, and girls and offers free shipping both ways."What's not to love? I think this could be the start of something just as dangerous as when DSW came online...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Purple Armchair in Downtown Raleigh

Just a bit from the Carolina Newswire press release:New Marketplace Emerges in Downtown Raleigh
"Purple Armchair (there is no 'the' before the name) opened for business at 600 West Street in February after the warehouse’s interior was extensive cleaning out and renovated. Billing itself as an 'emerging marketplace in downtown Raleigh,' the wide-open store offers 'art…vintage…everything,' according to its owner.

Purple Armchair is a membership-driven market and an association of artists, craftspeople and a lively assortment of vendors of unique merchandise. Membership pay fees on a month-by-month basis to have the store sell their wares. Mid-century modern furniture, pristine vintage and other handmade clothing, antiques, handmade jewelry, pottery, tableware and fine art are just a portion of the current inventory. But that’s going to change. Often.

'We carry just about everything, depending on what members we have at the time and what merchandise they offer,' he said. 'We are actively pursuing members all the time so that our inventory will continue to expand and change. We want our customers to be pleasantly surprised every single time they come in so that they’ll keep coming in time after time.'

Lawton also intends to add a coffee bar and fresh flower and herb vendors in the near future. 'I want to be the premier source for eclectic merchandise in downtown Raleigh. I want Purple Armchair to be the place where you find everything you couldn’t find at the last store you visited.'"
This seems like a REALLY exciting addition to Downtown retail. I can't wait to check it out!

PS - Almost forgot a link to the store's site!

Love Fashion? Want to Help Kids?

Open Call for Models!
Strut your stuff and help my wonderful Buckhead Saloon raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation!

Join us at Buckhead on July 22, 2008 where we we'll pick the top 10 finalists for the Catwalk for the Cure fashion show to be held at Buckhead Saloon on August 23rd!

Want tickets to the show?
Pre-sale tickets will be available for only $10 and available at the door until 10pm on August 23rd for only $12! Email Julie Forsyth at for more info.

Want to contribute to the cause?
Limited sponsorship opportunities are available starting at just $20 - with all proceeds benefitting the JDRF! Contact Julie Forsyth via email at for additional information on supporting this great event.