Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Express Gets It Right!

One of my biggest personal pet peeves are when businesses don't know what they're doing on facebook and they make themselves into a personal profile or a group. *Ugh!* (In case you didn't know, Pages are where businesses belong for many, many reasons I won't get into here, but here on my business blog.)

Anyways, I digress - I went online today to pay my Express credit card bill (is anyone else glad they stopped calling it "Club Expess"? I thought it was wayyy cheesy) and saw this:Sweet!

FYI - They're having one of their good sales if you're willing to hunt for the good stuff.

PS: Whatever you do... don't get a Express credit card. They're dangerous!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Gift Ideas: For Your Favorite Vodka Drinker!

I know quite a few bloggin' gal pals who I'd give this next gift to :-)

(Lisa S. and Renee... consider this recommendation my e-gift to you all!)

From Ideal Bite:

Tru Vodka - get 'em toasty with liquor produced with fewer pesticides. This vodka's organic, goes down smoothly, and the company plants a tree for each bottle it sells. Also: lemon- and vanilla-infused flavors ($33).
Booze with a conscience. I love it!!

PS - Ooh, they have gin, too! That's SO for Denise. When was the last time you heard about Tanqueray planting trees?

WANT: Monogrammed Cell Phone Case

So my new phone was launched last week... and I still can't figure out why the folks at Sprint (I would obvi never blame a customer service issue on Nextel since those didn't exist before the merger) haven't gotten the site fixed so I can find ringtones that are compatible and cell phone covers that fit.

Not that I expected anything cute or monogrammed anyway... but a girl can always count on her friends!

From Renee's blog:

Because this has happened to me one too many times, my mother stuffed my stocking '07 with this adorable cell phone holder. The kind I have has a little clip on the back. I love it and try to remember to use it more often than not. One downfall is the size of cell phones these days. I'm not sure a lot of the newer models would fit.

Although it's not Swagger, this one store has created iPod Holders to keep up with the times. They're cute too and are equpped with arm bands for people who run or even like to simply frequent the gym. A lady would even consider matching her holder with her tennis shoes. They're are so many cute boys at the gym. I'll save that blog for another day! I would love to sell these monogrammed goodies via this blog but I will wait until I convince people at Swagger to get some in.

Note: I didn't have the patience for uploading a picture of my actual cellphone holder with it's monogrammed R. This is from another site with an L for someone special I know!
Perfect for the iPod and the crackberry! I told her I've already got the Swagger boss on it :-D

Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Shopping Fix from the Rooftop Bar

I've been told that apparently my New Years Eve crew has dinner reservations at Solas... this will be my first trip there, actually... so we'll see how fabulous (and hopefully not a lack there of) we get treated on NYE.

While you make your NYE plans, be sure to check out today's Shopping Fix from Cary Magazine. They've kicked their fun (locally-inspired!) videos up a notch by including places to buy and price right along side Heather's commentary.

The Shopping Fix: Festive Fashion from S&A Cherokee on Vimeo
PS - I won't mind if you skip the fur. Go for faux fur... you'll save a bundle! ;-)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Stimulating the Economy...

Mary Phillips style!

Koozies range from $3.50 to $6.00. Make some new friends at the bar (with your same great snarky attitude) and fill those stockings with (spiked) cheer!

WANT: Socket Deer

One of my sorority sisters, Whitney, shared this on her fantastic blog today. I have a charging station at home for my gadgets (and BF's, too), but I love these and would put them to good use at home, at work, everywhere...
Socket Deer

found via swiss miss

Be sure to subscribe to Whitney's blog while you're there! You'll LOVE it. Promise.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Little Hanky Panky?

How cute are these?

Available in many styles ($18-$26) at Nordstrom.
I don't know how I feel about $26/each and one size fits sizes 2-14 (WTF), but friends I know who have these... aren't ever going back to VS.

Many thanks to What Junebug Loves for reminding me about these in their holiday gift list!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Gift Ideas: For Your Beauty Queen with a Conscience

Continuing on my series on gift ideas from last week, here's another feature from the Ideal Bite email newsletter, and a product that has come highly-recommended in the blogworld by Adventures of Southern Newlywed. I have so many girls on my list that these would be great for, that I won't even try to narrow it down to one friend.
ecoTOOLS Bamboo 5 Piece Brush Set with Case

(Pictured from

At only $10.99, these are a steal and are crafted from very renewable bamboo and the non-animal bristles apparently shed a lot less.
Who wouldn't appreciate this eco-pretty set? A great gift or stocking stuffer, I'd say!

Swagger's facebook Friday

Last week's giveaway is a fine complement to the previous week's stemless wine glasses:Monogrammed Double Old Fashion Glasses

If you don't win, you can still snag them from Swagger for only $30.00 - a great price for personalized glassware!

PS - Dishwasher safe... wooh!
Be sure to comment on the photo on Swagger's facebook page to be entered to win a set (for yourself or for a fantastic holiday gift for the non-wino on your list) and while you're there, click on "Become a Fan" (top right) so you'll get updated every week and not miss a single giveaway!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Gift Ideas: For Your Eco-Gal-Pal

This is what I'd love to get Renee for the holidays:

Oceana - adopt an endangered sea creature in someone's name, and they'll get a cookie cutter in the shape of the critter you select ($35-$100).
Thanks Ideal Bite! I'm looking forward to tomorrow's daily email with green gifts fro $20-$49!

Ooh - while I'm at it, check out this nice little site:I just signed up for their email newsletter, too. Here's hoping the content is as appealing as the site design!

Monday, December 1, 2008


...has some great one-liners:"I don't know what tree he picks his money from, but I don't have one so.. I'm like 'chill buddy'."In reference to her new hubby's Christmas wish list which includes "some ear muff things" for hunting (totally technical term) that are like $150 and a laser scope for his gun and some other little gadget (again, totally technical term) ranging in the $250's.

Luckily, he is also a HUGE Wolfpack fan and fellow NCSU alum, so she can add a few stocking stuffers without breaking the bank thanks to the Alumni Collection's two-day event:Two Day End of the Year Sale!
Up to 75% off the entire collection!

DAY 1:
Monday, Dec 1 - 9AM-6PM

Only at:
Park Alumni Center
2450 Alumni Drive
Raleigh, NC 27606

DAY 2:
Tuesday, Dec 2 - 12AM-11:59PM

Only online at:

The NC State Alumni Collection is open to everyone.
*Alumni Association member discount does not apply during the sale.
Up to 75% off ain't too shabby, huh?

Saturday, November 29, 2008

You Like Wine?

Oh really?

Well then you are going to LOVE Swagger's facebook giveaway this week.

Mandy is offering up a set of four super trendy stemless wine glasses (an awesome gift for your klutzy friends who have broken their share of glassware) and best part about them... they're monogrammed! *Woooh!* (Big shout out to all my HIMYM fans who commented all over my previous "Wooh girl" post.)

Ok, back to the giveaway.
Here's where you can find the stemless glasses on Swagger's website if you just can't wait (or if you're ready to grab a few sets for holiday gifts), but here is the link to Swagger's facebook page where you can become a fan so you'll get an update every Friday when a new giveaway goes up and you can also comment on the photo to be entered to win!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Heck to the Yes!

Local > mall. DUH.

Top story on today:Some opt for local shops over mall mania

Cary, N.C. — Some consumers were choosing not to fight the crowds at the malls on Black Friday, shopping instead at unique, local specialty shops like Swagger Gifts in Cary. They say they get customer service and can support local business owners.

They provide a counterpoint to the big picture economists paint for this recession-bound holiday season. That story has anything but holiday cheer.
Double duh! Be sure to leave your Swagger love in the WRAL comments as a thank-you for highlighting local small businesses!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sale: Stuff Consignment

New Raleigh reports that:Stuff Consignment Boutique will be "having a big sale (up to 70% off of certain items) until Sunday and will be having their Third Anniversary Party on Friday, December 19th, from 7:30-10:30pm"!Could be a great opportunity to snag some nice furniture, mirrors, clothes, etc. - many of which might seem outdated but with a little DIY could make some awesome additions to any home or wardrobe.

YAY! Now that's another Downtown place I'd do some Black Friday shopping at, too.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

You Can't Believe Everything You Read

For everyone who has posted that silly chain letter about retail store and their (no-good) gift cards, here's the dirt from my local retail expert - read and repost, if you will:Retailers continue to address that e-mail...

I wrote a story that appeared in Saturday's News & Observer about an e-mail that has been circulating containing a long list of retailers that supposedly are going out of business and warning consumers not to buy gift cards from them this year.

There is no doubt that this year is the most challenging one that retailers have faced in a long time, and some of them will not make it. But as I said this weekend, some of the information in the e-mail is correct, some is old and some is flat-out wrong. It's a good reminder that we should not believe everything we read in an e-mail.
Read the full scoop here and follow-up with her weekend report on that email.

So Proud

So proud to call the NCSU College of Management one of my two NCSU alma mater homes :-)NC State Study Shows It Pays To Shop Around Online

Holiday shopping season has arrived, and tough financial times mean that more people will probably be shopping around for the best price. But a study co-authored by North Carolina State University's Dr. Jonathan D. Bohlmann shows that shoppers who compare prices at multiple online retailers will not only find the best value, but will also likely contribute to driving down prices for that product at other retailers.

Bohlmann, an associate professor of marketing at NC State, explains that there are basically two types of shoppers: "switchers" and "loyals." Switchers compare prices from multiple online retailers, while loyals are committed to a particular store and don't bother with comparison-shopping. Bohlmann explains that the higher the number of switchers relative to the number of loyals – or the so-called switcher/loyal ratio – the higher the pressure a retailer faces to discount products in order to remain competitive.
Read the full scoop here and as always, GO PACK!

(Had to throw that in there, this past Saturday we completed a full sweep of the state in defeating ECU, Duke, Wake Forest, and finally... the most hated of all - Carolina - this football season!)

Monday, November 24, 2008


Great Monday morning email from Mary Phillips Designs:

Buy six koozies, get a free set of drinking glasses!
Insert "woo girl" cheers here!

PS - Who else watches How I Met Your Mother? My boyfriend picked on me and my girlfriends all episode long during last week's Woo Girls episode.

Watch it - it's HILARIOUS!


This Vineyard Vines Wolfpack tote would be awesommmmmmmeeeee!Not $95.00 awesome, but awesome nonetheless.

And while we're on the topic of awesome totes, I came across this cool how-to in the comments on Sue's Taking Stock blog:You can find instructions on the internet to make your own totes just like the ones they have. Very easy to do. Basically it is layering target bags between wax paper and ironing them to make a sturdier 'material'. then you sew this together to make your own. there are youtube videos also from a school that is doing it to raise awareness of recycling.While Target bags almost always remain under the bathroom sinks in this house because they make such killer mini-rashcan liners... I'd give them a shot at DIY recycled-shopping bags, too! (It sounds kind of fun, actually...)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I Can Explain this "Recession"

Recession? No, not so much. Bad merchandising? There it is!

Ok, while this totally isn't 100% to blame for the retail slowdown, I would like to point out that I was tryyyyyying to spend some money today. "Trying" being the key word.

I wanted a warm-ish or at least some sort of long-sleeve dress that was more cocktail than formal for today's gala. Here's how shopping went:Marshall's
-nada in the dresses and petites
-hella nada in the 2's

Old Navy
(thought FOR SURE this would be a one-stop shop because they usually have a great selection of professional wear that can dressed up for fun)
Finally settled on the following (sort-of) 1/2 sleeve length dress just because it worked. I frickin' HATE shopping like that.

The reason I say sort-of in reference to this dress is because a: the one I picked out was actually black and b: it was gathered with a belt at the waist. MUCH cuter. (Oh - and I have good enough sense not to go anywhere in public when it's 40 degrees in open-toe sandals. JUST SAYING....) Tights and boots for this girl!

Plus, the dress I got is crazy thick (the deciding factor) and not "lightweight" as described online.

So there ya go, had any of my convenient Cary, NC retailers stocked some seasonally-appropriate staples, maybe we'd be seeing less of a 5.8% decrease in the retail sector.

At least this weekend's bad luck wasn't wide-spread... some of my bloggin' friends had quite a few blog-worthy shopping successes:Lisa S. straight up CLEANED UP with some great winter staples

Biscuits are Never Boring took "warehouse fun" to a new level and saved some huge cash on some great Lilly items!
On a positive note, the BF looked very snazzy for today's event. I hope to have pictures this week from the awesome photog who graciously took pictures in between bidding to share.

And a double positive note, the gala was a HUGE success and a lot of fun - for an AMAZING cause!

PS - Did you know that lung cancer is the leading cancer killer of women and men in the US, taking more lives than breast, prostate, and colon cancers combined? I didn't either. Pass it on. There is very little research and funding in this area which we know contributes to it's less than 15% survival rate within one year of diagnosis.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Is Anyone Else Really Excited?

It must just be the marketing kid in me, but I'm really excited to see what brand it is that will be revealed on November 24th.

What am I talking about? (Great question, the BF just asked the same thing.)

If you've watched any commercials lately (I usually don't - LOVE my DVR) you might have seen the fun campaign featuring Stacy London from What Not to Wear (she and Clinton are a hoot!)about a salon quality product, without the salon prices.

What's the brand? They're not telling... but Wal-Mart is giving away some samples. You can play Haircare Russian Roulette with me if you'd like here and sign up, too.

I detest Wally-World, but I love this campaign. So I'm participating... let's see who it is on November 24th!

Lisa S. Random Question of the Week

This is turning into a lot of fun. Race-attire was a good start.

Today - black tie affairs and the men who live for shorts and tees year-round. (Talk about opposite ends of the spectrum, huh?)
Lisa S.: Lisa S.'s random question of the week...

What do you do to convince a man, to attend a black tie, that doesn't wear suits, oh... Ever? It's his brothers 30th birthday, I told him he could wear a normal tie, not bow tie

Lisa J.: I have two "bribes" - a snazzy bow tie from Southern Proper, Vineyard Vines, or Bird Dog Bay; or open bar :-)

Lisa S.: Either that or his Dad and I will hood wrangle him
Ya do what ya gotta do!

If you opt for the tie over the hood wrangle, Vineyard Vines sent out an update from their facebook page (Thank you for knowing what you're doing!) yesterday for their friends and family discount... good through next Tuesday (now that's a fair amount of time!).Happy holiday-ing!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


I have recently gotten back into tights in a big way. My favorite thing about them (and you'll see this in the comments on the blog post I'm about to share) is that they make it a lot easier to keep the full wardrobe in heavy rotation even during this chilly weather!

The IndieNC blog did a great feature yesterday - Trend: Tights - with some great examples of my personal theory on tights (keep reading below). Many thanks to Mandy for sharing that blog with me!

I found a great two pack of Betsey Johnson tights on sale at Marshall's for approximately $9.00 (or something to that extent) a few weeks ago and have gotten so many compliments on the solid gray and black argyle choices. For those of you unfamiliar with Betsey Johnson's wild style, take a look, you'll quickly see that Marshall's provided me with a STEAL on those tights.

The reason I can totally do Betsey Johnson accessories is because I pair them with a solid color dress, top, coat, etc. You get the picture... not overwhelmingly "wild child", but enough to be fun.

I'll have to be sure to take pictures next time I wear them and follow up.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More Tough Love Love

Think folks at The Technician are reading my blog?

Maybe, maybe not. It shouldn't be hard for NCSU fashionistas to find out about Tough Love... I mean it is just across the street from campus!

From Monday's Technician:Local fashions a few steps away from campus
Tough Love sells jewelry, clothes from local designers

"But Tough Love isn’t an average clothing boutique. Ashley Reynolds, the owner of Tough Love, set up shop about a year ago in a quirky little building off Hillsborough Street, with bright walls and decorations accenting clothes that are, by her own admittance, "different."

Tough Love carries independent labels and local clothing and accessories. Reynolds said the store doesn’t carry mainstream brands.

“As far as trends, I’m not the anti -- but I try not to do what everyone else is doing,” Reynolds said."
Click through to read the whole scoop!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Please Keep Your Eyes Open!

I have been meaning to post about this for ages - at least since August when the "accident" occurred - but Sue's blog about favored items that people are ISO (in search of) reminded me to get down to business and start hunting for a replacement... hopefully a identical replacement.

Here's my (sad) story:I had this great 3.5' (maybe 4') tall vase that I was using as a base for a cocktail table in our kitchen and it unfortunately was knocked over and broken by some very excited (and big) dogs. It was originally purchased at Home Goods but even though I have a product number, they won't name the manufacturer because of "sourcing agreements" -- hrrmph.

Above is a picture of the top of the vase (a big chunk that was recovered for this exact purpose) for anyone wouldn't mind taking a look and keeping their eyes open at TJMaxx, Home Goods, etc., etc.!
Many thanks in advance as I'd love to replace this piece!

Some Good Posts from my Blogging Friends

You'll want to add these to your Google Reader:Sustainable Shopping, Yes Please! (with some great preppy pictures)

Shop Gap & Save (which already expired, WTF - apparently this is a growing BAD trend), but may make itself present again in the future. *Crosses fingers*

Enlightenment of a 20-Something: One of the things that has to be upgraded is your 9-5 wardtrobe.
Did I miss anything link worthy?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Local Shopping Round-Up - Black Friday Edition!

I for one, do not do Black Friday. Not in the retail sense, at least. I have been known to arrive at the bar extra early on Black Friday though!

Nonetheless, far be it for me to deprive anyone of the good deals to be had!From Sue Stock's Taking Stock blog:
"If you've ever wondered whether the deals at the Carolina Premium Outlets in Smithfield are worth the drive, here's a handy way to try and find out." (Includes info about the Midnight Madness Black Friday event!)

Ok, I may have to venture out to this Tough Love event to snag this dress on sale... and contribute to a great cause:
"This Black Friday Tough Love will be giving everyone 10% off and an extra 5% off if you bring in an item to donate to Interact. Interact is a women"s shelter who would especially like clothing and canned goods. Tough Love will be open from 7am-7pm, serving Mimosas (alcoholic beverage) till noon. So come by and shop, drink, donate!!!"
More coming as we approach the trailing half of the month!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Giveaway!

Once again, not mine... but it's still soooooo comment-worthy!

Get your commenting tails over to Swagger's facebook page and leave some love on Mandy's new laptop covers... you could win one of your own - monogrammed and all!

I hope one of my friends wins this (if not me, DUH)!!
If you don't win, there's always online shopping and holiday wish lists favorites at!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

(Local) WANT: Tough Love's Merino Wool Dress

Really in love with this tunic/dress featured on Tough Love's blog from tough love boutique:Boutique-owner Ashley emailed me (in response to my blog post comment of "Oooh nice! How much is the tunic/dress? And does it become green at the bottom?") and gave me the scoop on it:The dress is actually all grey (it's Merino wool). The price is $110. A little pricy but really cute and lots of things could be worn with it.I'm just imagining what I could do with that dress, some cute tights, and a sweet pair of riding boots. Now, where shall I find $110 to move into the dress budget??

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Holiday Party Wardrobe Help - Little Black Dress

I can foresee this becoming a good on-going post. I'll start with Kristy's recommendation this morning:black is back

have you all seen the new "party look" line at the gap? i love it all especially the items with ruffles. so very festive -- especially for the upcoming holidays. i think adding a splash of cranberry, hot pink or even some shade of green would make these black items "pop" even more. guess who's so ready for the holidays?
I love her idea of playing it up with color. How about a bit of red, green, gold or silver?

Clockwise from top left
Forever21 - Filigree Hearts Necklace - $4.80
etsy - Goldeneye Hammered Rings Necklace - $47.00
Francesca's Collections - Unsung Melody Necklace - $22.40
etsy - (dyed) Freshwater Pearl and Oxidised Sterling Silver Necklace - $39.00
Complete with a new little black dress that can be worn all year round!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Scarf Weather

Continuing this trend of cold weather favorites... one of my sorority sisters, Whitney, has clued me into a local (sort of, by way of Asheville, NC) handmade artist: alena hennessey.

I'm SO in love with this scarf, especially the way it's shown being worn and with the plain white t, and double loving it's price!
flora on charcoal scarf

wrap yourself over and over with this super soft, versatile, and extra long scarf. measures 93" long x 16" wide. made of perfectly combed cotton jersey.
Any other fans? Be sure to check out the rest of Alena's site!

PS - Ooh, this tunic, too!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Winter Weather Accessories Report from Cary Magazine

What's not to love about a print magazine that's jumping right in to the social media and viral video world? (Especially when they're sharing such fabulous and easy to achieve style tips?!)

Check out this month's Shopping Fix from Cary Magazine and be sure to sign up for their email newsletter (don't worry - they don't bombard you 17 times a week like a bunch of retail friends have been lately).Fashion Flash: Winter Weather Wear
from Cary Magazine

Fashion Flash: Winter Weather Wear from S&A Cherokee on Vimeo..
PS - Internet bragging rights to the local readers who can figure out where it is that they recognize Heather Green's voice from!

PS #2 - Get the buying scoop and more info (plus comments) on this video and all the great finds at

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Local Plans this Thursday and Sunday?

The best shopping events of the year are finally here - the 2nd Annual Holiday Preview Night benefiting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and the 6th Annual Holiday Open House!

Be sure to RSVP to Swagger's events on facebook (just check out the snazzy Swagger Gifts - Monogrammed and Unique Gifts & Accessories facebook page at, invite your favorite shopping partners, and get ready for some holiday fun!Here's the links to the event pages on Swagger's site as well as facebook, to make sharing these good times with your gal pals SUPER easy!
2nd Annual Holiday Preview Night benefiting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

6th Annual Holiday Open House

See you there!

PS - Dangit... there I go again with the holiday-esque post!

Monday, November 3, 2008

I'm a Sucker for Hoilday Decor

Opened my email today, saw these cuuuute holiday candle holders, cookie jars, etc. from Bath & Body Works:

And you KNOW they will be in-store next to the most amazing smelling holiday candles... EVER!

Speaking of holiday candles, G.R.I.T.S. shared a great coupon this weekend:"$10 off of a $25 purchase at Yankee Candle. That's a big jar for $15! You can't beat that!"Love the holidays and all the smells that go along with them.

PS - What iiiiiiis my problem? I'm jumping on board with all of this nonsense about starting the holidays the day after Halloween. I'll try and limit the Christmas blog posts until later in the month. :-)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

WANT: Ghostess with the Mostess Apron

As many of you know, I always prefer to shop local & independent when I can!

Lucky for me, I'll be seeing Mandy first thing tomorrow morning... and I'll be sure to see if she can snag me this CUTE Halloween apron at Swagger first. If not, Swoozies it is then!

Halloween Apron - Ghostess with the Mostess - ONLINE ONLY SALE
Original Price: $39.99
Online Only Sale: $19.99
That's my kind of sale! I'll be sure to update on my findings... for real this time.

Monday, October 20, 2008

WANT: That Darn Pottery Barn Teen

I mean, let's be honest, we already loved Pottery Barn (and wish we could upfit the entire house from there), but the PBteen is freaking awesome, too... and they are having a sale that makes me really, really want to blow the budget that I've been putting aside to pay for Vegas.Who wants this chair in her office? I want that chair in my office.

(Penelope Chair - was $399.00, now $329.00)

What teen is outfitting their backyard? Oh well, could surely want this, too.

(Outdoor Cushy Armless Chair - was $299-399, now $249-$399)

I know people who would put this on their wedding registry.

(Classic Dot Duvet Cover - was $79.00, now $49.99)
And don't even get me started on the really great-looking bed sheets... check out the full sale here.


Ok, back to work.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I Love Not Camping

Those of you who know me IRL (in real life), know that some of these suit me to a "t".

My idea of roughing it? The Holiday Inn.

My idea of a domestic adventure? Always goes better with a cocktail or bottle of wine (and my girls)!
(via HWTM blog)
Anne Taintor must be my kind of girl! This just adds support to the argument in support of bridesmaid dresses with pockets (for flasks or airplane bottles)... I'm just sayin'.
Love it all.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ready to Shop, Shop, Shop?

From Sue Stock's retailing blog:LNT liquidating all stores...

What did I tell you? Unable to find a last-minute buyer, Linens N Things is liquidating ALL stores. I certainly hope you used your gift cards! And, if you're in the market for home goods, this could be a good chance to pick up some bargains. The sales reportedly will begin as early as Thursday...
It's a bit sad, but at least by shopping you're helping them reduce their inventory and convert it to liquid cash.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Attention: Longchamp Faithfuls...

Lisa S. has plunged into the dark depths of "use and care" experimentation and emerged victoriously!

Be sure to check out her update (Fall clothing swap out, and some updates...) for her simple, yet SO useful, approach to cleaning up a light-colored Longchamp who's done a lot of hard work this past season for you.Also, since she dutifully noted the "explosion of summer and fall" that is her room at the moment, I thought I'd offer up these pictures of my office during the seasonal transition (which is taking it's sweet time since as she noted: " It's too warm during the day to wear fall clothes, and too cool at night to keep on the summer ones").

"Explosion" is exactly the right word... you could lose a puppy (or two) in there!

Note to self: New house shall be designed around the closet... so everything can stay year-round. I can't find a movie still of the best closet ever a la Sex & the City: The Movie, so this will have to do:
(Watched the movie AGAIN last night, loved it AGAIN.)

WAIT - Found a video... sort of, just fast forward to 1:45... that's where the good stuff is.

Ah, Real Estate Heaven.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Something I've Always Wondered...

When you buy new dress pants, why are the back pockets always sewn shut?
(Express - High-Waist Wide-Leg Editor Pant - Herringbone - $98.00)
Think about it, it costs more from a manufacturing standpoint to produce and sew in the actual pocket, so we can safely rule out that it's just for "looks". (If that was the case, they would sew a false pocket cover on and call it done.)

Maybe it's to prevent snags along the way or during shipping and retailing? Maybe it's something as simple as it's easier to just sew straight across for another step in the manufacturing process? I just don't know.

I am a proud College of Textiles grad, but this is something we never covered in my concentration.

Anyone ever heard the logic behind this?

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Deal of the Week: Old Navy Built-In Tanks

Took a quick browse through Old Navy last weekend and the only things I walked out with were two of these great tanks/camisoles:
Women's Shelf-Bra Camis
$12.50 each, buy two or more - $9.00 each
I actually scooped up a black and white for only $5.00 each. NICE!

These are just the type of camis you can never have too many hanging in the closet (or in my case, in the cami drawer). The neckline is very flattering and I purchased two x-smalls and the length STILL goes past my belt (I love a shirt that doesn't ride up and covers belly button still after a few washes!). Good stuff right there.

The same discount isn't available currently online, but $5.00 built-in camis are worth stalking your local ON for. I'll probably by one of each color next time I see this deal again!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Coat Shopping?

Fabulous... especially if you're following the "buy one - donate one" rule where anytime you add something new to your wardrobe, you also deduct something.

If you're thinking of doing so with jackets, be sure to check out Great Outdoor's Coat Swap!From Sue Stock's blog:
"Customers who donate a clean, used coat during the month of October will receive 20 percent off the purchase of a new one."
My to-do list tonight: clean out the winter closets and go select a new North Face for 20% off!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Who Says Flasks are Just for Boys?

Not a chance.
(From Urban Outfitters, via HWTM)
At only $18, those are worth buying in each design!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Furry Boots in September?

If there's one thing I hate most in this world, it's to be cold and wet. (I didn't realize wet was going to be an issue today, which is why the furry boots won over the rain boots. Oops.)

Lisa S. must have read my mind this morning, as I was well past eying the opportunity to sport my furry boots that I've missed since the temps warmed up. Check out her post and then cast your vote (before next Friday at midnight) on my blog homepage as to whether you're pro-Boots-with-the-Fur-in-September or hoping for a veto.

(Sorry, embedding polls into blogs don't usually pan out so well for folks using readers... so just click through for two seconds - if you can - to vote.)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This is a Good One

From my inbox this morning, Bakers Shoes (who I loved a lot more when they first opened up shop and were hella cheaper - but that's beside the point) is doing a "50% off any Bakers handbag with the purchase of a pair of shoes or boots" sale.
(The email picture is a little sketchy since I opened it in Outlook 2007, but we can't all be awesome email marketers, now can we?)
Obviously, branded handbags are excluded... but if you're going to be buying boots (the glorious return of boot season is upon us my friends!), then you might as well enjoy a nice handbag, too!

Question of the Week

Question of the Week (well technically, last week as I'm a bit behind on my blogging): "Lisa, what do I wear to watch race practice (other than ear plugs)?"

What a fabulously southern question from reader, friend, and fellow blogger - Lisa S.!

I LOVE dressing for "all-american" events. My recommendations were nice jeans, boots, and shirt/top varying on the weather. And of course, obligatory awesome sunglasses if it's a day thing. Here's the caveat on the boots though - make sure they're broke in boots... because if you're going to be in them all day and they're new... your ankles will be destroyed afterward.
Lisa's Race Day Wear
(that can be either Lisa in this particular story)

Sunglasses - Isaac Mizrahi for Target - $19.99

Top - Old Navy Twisted Neck Top - $10.00 (sale!)

James Jeans are my absolute favorite - any bootcut will do. Prices are usually around $180.00 but you can stock-up for half that at Accessorize with Pi Phi while supporting a great cause(more info to come soon)!

Last but not least, my Justin Boots (exact model shown above) have now been re-soled 2 times... they're THAT essential. Price... unsure? Probably less than $100 for boots that will last a lifetime.
Lisa S. also suggested, "I thought MAYBE the pink John Deer hat". I definitely support the John Deere hat and I double support the pink with the ribbon - any day or place is a great one for supporting breast cancer research!Whatever you do, nix any sort of heels. I did that ONCE at Panthers' stadium... big mistake. It was a much longer walk than anticipated from the BF's aunt's parking spot to the upper deck seats. (I may or may not have demanded a piggy-back ride from said BF on the walk back after the game.)

So how did it go? Be sure to check in later this week for the on location report from Lisa S.!

Exciting stuff coming to my little blog all the time, huh?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Currently Digging: Hostessing Blogs

Oh man, just what I needed... more adorable blogs to add to my Google Reader (which is out of control lately... everyone's doing blogs now)!

Thanks to GR Recommendations, I was exposed to this awesome post: Built NY + French Bull = Cool Wine Totes. The picture alone got me hooked (and really wanting those, too):
Alright Swanky Tables, you've made the cut! I subscribed.

And an all-time favorite shout out goes to Hostess with the Mostess - a saying that many of us have embodied for years and one girl was clever enough to turn into a business and website!I love Jenn's blog because it's not full of a lot of stuff... just really great pictures to inspire awesome entertaining... without breaking the bank either!