Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What a thoughtful holiday reminder!

I got this in my email inbox this week from Express:
Happy Holidays!

Dear Lisa Jeffries,

This is a reminder that you have available credit on your Express Credit Card account.* Remember that when you use your Express Credit Card, every dollar you spend earns you one point, and you can receive rewards certificates for every 250 points you earn!**
You know, nothing like a "just in case you're broke, you've got credit with us!" reminder just in time for the holiday season.

And I'd just like to throw out there a "of course I have credit, there is no balance on that credit card". Which, by the way, is a phenomenal feeling to not have to remember to pay a bill! ;-)

PS: Did I mention that I actually opened that email because the subject line was: "Important: Available Credit Information for your Express Credit Card". Tricky, tricky!

Monday, August 29, 2011

I. Need. This. Bag.

There are three women that I know off the top of my head that need this bag immediately. I am one of them. (The other two are Lisa S. and Adrianne, in case you were interested.)

I dig the T.T. bag, too - but this O.G. bag from Lo & Sons has my over-committed name all over it. And what's not to love about the purple/lilac interior and gold hardware?

I may at some point own both (but not right now at almost $300.00/each), but until then, I'm going to opt for the O.G. because I almost always wear heels, but it's not always practical to do a lot of walking or traveling in them. So it's a great option for hiding away shoes on the go.

I think I saw CamilleStyles tweet about this bag? That must have been it. And it must have been fate!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Oh Yeah...

...and sorry for disappearing for like 4 months. My bad!

You know, life... work... all those shenanigans have kept me away from blogging more regularly.

I Don't Even Know if I Have Any Muslim Readers Here...

...but Muslim or not, there's nothing to not love about Haute Hijab!

I love how Melanie, designer/buyer/founder/overall-inspiring-girl, has taken something that could be considered humdrum and tilted it toward the fashion-forward - all while staying true to her founding principle of "[offering] modest yet fashionable apparel catered toward Muslim women".

These pictures are just beautiful and I've already seen so many fantastic vintage scarves in her collection that I would've loved to own had they not already sold out!

Wondering how you could add these beautiful splashes of color to your look? Take a look at her blog post, "Accessorize Your Scarf!"

Haute Hijab is actually putting an entire line of apparel into production and the vintage scarves they curated were just the starting point. Here's to checking back soon and seeing equally as awe-inspiring new collections from HH.

Keep up the great work, Melanie!