Wednesday, August 7, 2013

#WorkDressWednesday - Banana Republic's New Issa London Collection

Saw this nice little look at the latest from Banana in my Facebook feed today, courtesy of People magazine's StyleWatch Style Hunters program. Here are some of my favorite dresses... because after all, it is #WorkDressWednesday (Twitter | Instagram) today! These will be available on August. 9 - Friday!

I really am a sucker for a great wrap dress. How much does this one... 

...remind you of this royal dress rocked by Kate?

 Ok, this one I *have* to have:

Sold like I am? See the promotional spot for the new London collection here - although the marketer in me is disappointed it shows NO PRODUCT... PS: Banana, I'm available for consulting ;-):

Happy #WorkDressWedneday-ing, y'all!