Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Blurb from my Other Blog...

There's nothing more appropriate in a southern girl's wardrobe than denim and pearls.


Before any of the "Huh? Don't you mean seersucker/dresses/Lilly/etc." questions begin I will tell you all that while yes, all of those are important, they're a lot easier to master. BE HONEST. Dresses come in all sorts of necklines, cuts, colors, patterns, etc. But the perfect pair of jeans, now that my friends, is true happiness.

I myself happen to be a James Jeans faithful - I have yet to find any other brand to fit or flatter my shape and size any better. I can totally be persuaded to give local - YES LOCAL - designer Amy Stephenson a try though!

Check it, from today's blog entry about the following quote from Triangle East Magazine: " by Uniquities in Cameron Village or North Hills and buy a pair of high fashion jeans, designed by Johnston County's own Amy Stephenson. Her jeans are named after N.C. places, and they are super cute."Can't wait! I wonder just which NC place my soon to be favorite pair of jeans will be named after!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Get Creative...

...originally posted on one of the coolest local blogs I've ever landed on - - this is a contest that combines so many of my interests: style, Raleigh, and some humor if you're really creative! Choice Merchandise T-Shirt Contest Aims to Put Raleigh On Your Bod
Choice Merchandise, a downtown merchandise supplier, is launching a new line of Raleigh T-shirts and needs some good slogans. They want to develop something similar to a shirts like “Nashville - the New L.A.”

Some ideas that have been tossed around are “Raleigh - The biggest medium-sized city in the world.” and “Raleigh - The Big Nut (with a picture of an acorn)”.

Winners submitting entries that go to print will receive $25 cash along with 2 VIP Passes to the show of his or her choice at Downtown Live this summer, and a free shirt, of course.

Submit your entry by emailing
So what are you waiting for? Get creative and feel free to bounce any ideas off of me! I'd love to see/hear 'em!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More Ways to Get Your "Fix"

An awesome account manager from S&A Cherokee (the cool folks who publish some of my favorite local reads like Triangle East and Carolina Business Connection) ran across my blog on their article about consignment shopping and sent me this cool heads up to pass along: "I thought you and your blog readers might be interested to know that we've expanded the Shopping Fix to include Webisodes as well. Below are links to the two episodes we've put out: one deals with consignment shopping and the other is an exclusive interview with Tim Gunn of 'Project Runway' fame. We hope to keep putting out new content every month of interest to fashion and shopping aficionados in the greater Triangle area."Check out the two that have already been published online at: target="_blank"
Let me know what you guys think of the webisodes! And a special thanks to S&A Cherokee for keeping things fresh and interesting for us retail addicts!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Today's Kind of Like a Monday, So Here's a Good Laugh

...that of course, is fashion-inspired.

(Notice the date too - 2005. Wow, if they only knew back then...)

I'd cite the source but it obscurely enough came from one of those emails with tons of cartoons about the rising cost of gas.

I Got My Body Pillow Cover!

For those of you who have been privvy to my random "hey, I need to glance through the bedding section really quick" shopping moments... I've been on a hunt. A hunt for a pillow case for the random body pillow that Nick brought home a while back that only had one lone "wine" color pillow case. (I can only guess, since it wasn't a new pillow, that it came home from his family's beach house with us? I really don't know.)

Point being - I hate for things to not look - ... well... I guess "coordinated" is the right word. It doesn't have to match per se, but it does have to look put together. So he's the sitch - the walls of our bedroom are purple (clearly my choice), our furniture (bed included) are "espresso" (super dark), and up until Joey's dog Sweetie decided to eat my down comforter, the comforter was white. The linens are usually striped gold. They're Dreamfit and they are fabulous. (More on that to come). Oh wait - so post-Sweetie - I found a seersucker down comforter!! So it wasn't a perfect match for my room, but I couldn't pass it up.

So I have a espresso bed, seersucker comforter, light cream pillow shams, a brown decorative pillow, and... a wine body pillow? Gah.

So long story short: on a wander through the home section in Target there it was... an end-of-aisle display with lots of solid and polka dot choices. (Many of which were sold out for at least two different trips including of course, the one I set my eyes on: navy.) And you know what? Trying to find body pillow covers in anything other than white or brown doesn't happen online.

But I'm persistent and I now have a navy blue body pillow cover which looks great.

The End.

PS - I know it's hard to see the navy pillow behind the cream-colored pillows, but that's the point. It looks great with the seersucker and doesn't pop-out from behind! Annnd, you'll have to forgive the tired Tank at the bottom of the bed - he spent all day running around his "grandma and grandpa"'s house and said he wasn't budging for a picture.

Good Deals at Scout & Molly's!

If you've never been, you're missing out! Scout & Molly's is a TRULY FABULOUS boutique in the revamped North Hills shopping center - Lassiter side.

They recently moved across the parking lot and opened up shop right next to Walk - their recent addition which is dedicated to... SHOES (they call it a Shoetique - how clever)!

Anyways, I digress, owner/buyer Lisa Disbrow (who is just as awesomely fabulous as her shops) sent out the following scoop via her email list today:
Hello Ladies!
I’m just back from a trip out of town and have lots of news for you!
We finally got in our new recyclable Scout & Molly’s & WALK shopping bags. YAY. We are starting a new program where if you bring your bag back in to re-use we will give you $2 off your purchase. Help us help the environment!Also, we are so happy to announce that all bathing suits are 20% off this week, so come get your suit for summer! Cute ones by BCBG and Ella Moss.Also, all week, select shoes at Walk are 50-75% off….these are in season shoes, buy now, wear now! Great deals.I am so excited to see all the new things we got in while I was out last week… new Tibi, Nanette Lepore, Ella Moss, Diane Von Furstenberg and more! Aghhh, I love coming home!
And just for kicks, all long pants and jackets are 20% off Tuesday through Friday.
Lisa, Pam and the girls.
*sale excludes all jeans
Gahhh! I wish I had more in my "shopping budget" for these next few weeks...

PS - I just wandered over to Scout & Molly's site really quick to grab a pic for this post and it is BEAUTIFUL! Check it out! Join the email list just by clicking here!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Saturday's Fab Find!

Here's the dish on my previously mentioned fab find for today!

Adrianne and I were doing our usual Saturday afternoon goofing off and we stopped by Class for Half since she'd never been before!

After finding dozens of shoes, dresses, jackets, and handbags we'd both like to take home... only one actually made the cut for the day and it's because I couldn't pass it up!! $18 for such an awesome handbag? Why yes, you ARE going home with me today!

I included the Crackberry so you can gauge the size of this awesome bag. It may look big, and although it's roomy, when I carry it on my shoulder it hits right at mid-hip which is SO comfy for me.

The best thing: this faux-leather finish seems pretty resilient... so it won't get destroyed when it's tossed into the passenger seat or it happens to carry boat essentials on-board!

It's Divine to Consign!

Ever done consignment shopping? It's a thrill! I'm still on a high from the awesome bag I found for $18 today at Class for Half (more on my fab find here!) and there are two more items that were a tad too expensive for today's side trip but that I am going to keep an eye on for a few more weeks.

If I happen to score them (ie: if no one else finds them first) they'll definitely be blog worthy so keep checking back!

To kick off my little series on consigning finds, check out the following article is from a October 11, 2007 email from Cary Magazine's "Shopping Fix" series (I know, I know... sometimes the emails that get moved to the previously referenced "Blog" folder are really there wayyyy too long!):
Budget-Conscious Fashion
Why consignment shops are worth every penny
By Heather Green

You probably drive by them every day, and they are some of the best-kept secrets in our area. They contain the latest fashions in clothing, shoes and accessories, some of which have never been worn, for a small percentage of the price you would pay in department stores. They are consignment shops!

When I was younger and I found out that we were going to these stores, I cringed (that was before I had to pay for clothes). Now, I can't wait to see what unbelievable deals are waiting for me every week. The best part about these hidden gems is that...
Read the rest of the article here!

The shops recommended in the above article include: My Girlfriend's Closet
104 West Chatham St., Apex
(919) 303-0651

Annie's Attic
115 W. Chatham St., Suite B, Cary
(919) 481-1151

My Back Porch
515 Broad St., Fuquay Varina
(919) 557-9344

Classic Clothiers
124 S.W. Maynard Road, Suite A, Cary
(919) 481-1508

K'n B's Brew 'n Browse Coffee & Consignment Shoppe
120 Raleigh St., Fuquay-Varina
(919) 557-8155

8420 Chapel Hill Rd, Cary
(919) 465-9727
And my original recommendation:

Class for Half
1614 North Market Drive, Raleigh, 27609
(hidden behind Kanki off Wake Forest Road)
(919) 876-5572

Fair Warning

Double post - yes. But some folks read this blog exclusively and some read Growing Up Southern is a Privilege Really exclusively.

So here it is, same as the post from my other blog: I have this folder in Outlook - "Blogs" - which are things that I've received via email that I want to blog about, but don't have time to right at the moment. It has 36 items right, 29 of which are still marked as "new". So I'm going to try and catch up this weekend... so don't be afraid to click "older posts" at the bottom since I'm trying out only displaying 15 or so on my front page. Those of you with RSS feeds... should see a lot from me too!

Friday, May 23, 2008

500 Bonus Points at DSW!

Sweeeeet... I may need to make a little trip for shoes this weekend!

According to a snazzy little DSW email: Earn 500 Bonus Points on every purchase (May 22-26, 2008), when you shop with your membership, in stores or logged-in online. (Excludes gift cards.) Please allow 2-3 weeks for your points to be posted to your Points History balance. If you return merchandise purchased during this promotion, bonus points will be deducted.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ebates, eh?

So I wandered over to Barefoot in the Park in my RSS feed yesterday and caught her post on Ebates.

How have I missed out on this cool little service? Basically, you shop through Ebates - they get a commission on what you purchase - and they split it with you. Plain and simple. (They even tell you up from how much %-age-wise what the commission is!)

There's a bunch of choices in each category (apparel, electronics, pet supplies, etc.) and bonus for my little household... is included. (I mean shoot, if the BF is going to keep buying enough Nascar stuff to keep the entire industry afloat... shouldn't we enjoy a little kick-back along the way? ;-))

I was hooked when the "daily double" was double the rebate from - WHOO!!

Here are some of the features mentioned in my welcome email after joining:
Take full advantage of your Ebates membership with these top navigation tips:

Search - Find popular Stores and top Products quickly

All Stores - See all 800+ Stores at Ebates.

Coupons & Specials - Browse hundreds of great Coupons and Deals—updated daily!

Favorite Stores - Save and quickly access your Favorite Stores.

Saved Coupons - Save Hot Coupons and utilize reminders so you don't miss out!

Customer Care - Contact Ebates anytime with your questions or feedback.
So join up with me - we both get a $5.00 account credit when you use this referral link to join... nice!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Every Girl Loves...

...the Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale!!

Which, by the way (as a friendly reminder), started today :-)

No pushing and shoving... remember to play nice girls!

Bras: 25-50% off - over 100 styles
Clearance: bras $12.99 and up, panties $3.99 and up
Bonus: Free shipping on orders $100 and up - use code SEMISALE at checkout!
PS: Up to 50% off on clothes too with the Semi-Annual Clothing Sale... I think I even saw a swimwear category!

With the free shipping, it sounds like online will be the way to go for best selection rather than fighting the crowds and mess at the mall. (Cameron Village has always been my favorite over any mall location because it's selection is less picked through and has WAY less traffic!)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Ooh! Lots of Free Shipping!

What an exciting email inbox for a Monday!

From Victoria's Secret:
    ::2 days only - free shipping with only a $25 minimum purchase!
    ::Must be from their "Destination Summer" which includes: dresses, tees, swimwear, glasses, and more!
    ::Enter SUMMER25 at checkout... ends 5/13/08!
From J.Crew: ::Free shipping on anything you wish!
::$100 minimum gets you free shipping using the code SUMMERTIME at checkout.
::Expires on 05/14/08 at 11:59pm!

Wilson, NC's Own Belle & Co.

I stumbled upon belle & co after looking at this morning's N&O (see my post about this) and noticed that you can, in fact, find Jack Rogers sandals and cute handbags outside of Raleigh!

I visited the website (with a black and white damask print background... one of my FAVORITE prints right now), which looks to be the creative efforts of the shop owner herself.

I am always VERY impressed when I see others take these important (but sometimes oh-so-pricey) marketing utilities into their own hands (a enterprising business girl after my own heart)!

Here's the story behind belle & co from their website, I can't wait to one day stop on my way through Wilson to check the boutique out in person! "Belle's boutique opened April 24th of 2004 thanks to the hard work and dedication of the owner, Steadman Lanier.

Steadman decided to start her own business after finishing her MBA at East Carolina University. She and her husband moved back to her home town of Wilson, NC where to her family's dismay, she decided to open a clothing store.

She was convinced that though they live in a small town, people still enjoyed the latest fashion trends... Which is exactly what you will get at Belle's along with so much more. Steadman is devoted to making sure all of her customers leave happy. You will find her there most anytime and if you are lucky, you might even spot her precious cocker spaniels, Bud & Belle!
I'm also a big fan of shop owners who let their pups accompany them to work. Delta and Tank love hanging out with me all day, too.


The N&O has this special advertising section on the back of the Life, etc. section - "Essentials" - that is home to a really cute display of advertising of (you guessed it) essentials from lots of local retailers.

I rarely actually read the physical paper (yay for online editions and RSS feeds) because of all the awful news that can put me in such a sour mood... but a few of the advertisers caught my eye. I really liked seeing some of cute options that I would have thought could only be found in Raleigh/Charlotte/Wilmington can be found in smaller towns like Tarboro and Wilson.

I'll add the actual ad pictures once the N&O's portion of their site dedicated to their print ads decides it wants to behave. It won't load at the moment... grrrr.

So here's a few of those businesses for my traveling and business girls who don't stay in one place all the time! The Wild Hare
Ladies' Apparel & Accessories
412 Main Street
Downtown Tarboro
(No website turned up in a google search... how sad!)

belle & co
Wilson's Trendsetting Boutique
The Shoppes at Brentwood
2801 Ward Blvd, Ste 3A
After checking out the website for the above mentioned belle & co, it's clear that it's totally home-grown, but I LOVE an enterprising DIY girl! I think I'll dedicate an entire post to belle & co after this one!

And back in Raleigh - I never knew you could shop online with Nowell's (our local Vineyard Vines menswear retailer)! I guess I'm not big on menswear though. I clicked through and took a look... it's actually QUITE impressive.

1632 N. Market Drive (near the Kanki off of Wake Forest Road!)

Monday's Retail Update!

As always, thanks to Sue Stock for the retailing report and to Ashton Smith for reminding me to read it :-)

The most important (and relevant) info this week: In Raleigh's Cameron Village, clothing boutique White Horse Black Market will open Monday.Yessssssss! Now I get another opportunity to avoid Crabtree Valley Mall like the plague. :-D

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Free Shipping from J. Crew!

I just signed up for something with J. Crew yesterday and in appreciation they sent me an email with a code for free shipping for any order over $150 at - valid until Thursday, May 15th.

I know I'm not spending $150 on before then, but I figure if there's any of my loyal readers who have had their eye on something... why not share?!

So, first person to comment or email telling me that they are definitely going to use it (don't waste it!!) will get the code sent to them!

Let me know :-)