Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Team Coat: Update for NCSU Students

My original post on the My Team Coat "red blazer" trend is just a few articles down or can be quickly found by clicking here!

February 28, 2008 Update: According to a press release published on Triangle dBusinessNews, NCSU students can now purchase a jacket at a reduced price AND have a portion of the proceeds go to supporting Wolfpack Athletics. Sweet! Read on:

"The Wolfpack Club, N.C. State University’s athletic booster club, has partnered with locally-owned My Team Coat to create a new program to offer students an exclusive discount on red sport coats while also raising funds for the Wolfpack Club. Under the new program, My Team Coat will make its custom red sport coats available to NCSU students for the discounted rate of $65 (standard price is $99) and will also donate $5 of each purchase back to the Student Wolfpack Club, a nonprofit organization. The limited time offer requires a special discount code available from the Student Wolfpack Club."


Beachy, frat-tastic, and fabulous all rolled into one.

A Victoria's Secret email with the following picture paired with the headline "try our pants risk free!" just landed those folks in Ohio a sale... at least a trial sale. Aaaaand it's pay day. Hells yeah.

Shipping and returns are free on Victoria's Secret with the code "riskfree". I'm all over this. Nick seems to think I'm not "long-legged" enough to pull off the look... blasphemy. All it takes is a cute pair of wedge sandals or heels. (Although mine will most likely end up paired with ballet flats or cute flat sandals if I get them tailored.) Either way: it'll still happen.

And for those of you interested in the history of seersucker, check out the wikipedia article. My favorite part?
"Seersucker is still widely worn in the South between Easter weekend and Labor Day, where it is often accompanied by a bow tie. It is widely considered a fashion faux pas to wear seersucker at the wrong time of the year, although this rule is often ignored by the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity at the University of Michigan[2]."Be sure to check out the reference, too.

9/21/08 Update: Still wearing these clear into the fall season!

It's Cold... Fast Forward to Summer Dresses

I love my daily dose of fashion from Even though their selection is very high-end/high-priced so I wouldn't actually purchase much from the site, I do like checking out the trends there that are often available for much less as they trickle-down the fashion supply chain.

My favorite dress out of this morning's "Weekly Cravings" is the following open back dress by See by Chloe. The dress is priced at over $600... but it's not a terribly complex dress that if I really wanted to, I could probably whip up myself.

(I'm pretty sure Target, Express, and other local retailers will have suitable choices available with 90% less hassle in the coming months, too.)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Book Shopping this Weekend?

If you're in the market anything at Barnes & Noble this weekend, please see the following note from Pi Phi land and have your purchase help enhance the lives of others!
Greetings! This weekend members of the NC Alpha Chapter (that's Pi Beta Phi at UNC-CH!) will be participating in a fundraising event for UNC Family Medicine's Reach Out and Read Program. The NC Alpha Chapter plans to start working more with this organization with their literacy activities. See below for an opportunity to support the Reach Out and Read Program, if you shop at Barnes and Noble this weekend.

UNC Family Medicine and Barnes & Noble Bookstores are partnering together to raise the capital our clinic needs to start our Reach Out and Read literacy initiative and we need YOUR help!

It's very simple! Just visit your local Barnes & Noble store this weekend and notify your cashier that you wish your purchases to count toward the UNC Family Medicine Bookfair # 223636! That's it!
UNC Family Medicine will receive a portion of all Bookfair sales toward our Reach Out and Read startup fees.

Also, four RTP area Barnes & Nobles Bookstores (both Durham stores, the Cary store, and the Brier Creek store) will be hosting events on those days!

Reach Out and Read is a national literacy initiative that aims to make literacy a standard part of pediatric primary care, so that children grow up with books and a love of reading.

UNC Family Medicine wants to start offering the Reach Out and Read program to our pediatric patients. Help us help our children develop their literacy skills and their love of books!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Where Are My Keys? Where Are My Sunglasses?

Yayyy for those awesome NoVA/DC Little Black Book girls and their daily dish on what's hot in the world of busy women everywhere!

This came through my email inbox today and I'm in love... and I think I may need one for my house, my office, my parents' house, and... (the list goes on)!

Here's their scoop on this great little organizer:

"The only thing that can save me is The Doorganizer. Whether you are using it every day to get the kids out the door with all their permission slips and other paraphernalia, or you only need it for the occasional early morning flight and accompanying disorientation (e.g. yours truly), it's a handy dandy solution for the scatterbrained.

The only catch is that I have to remember to put it somewhere I can find it. Oh yeah - I'll hang it on the inside of the hall closet door! The 12" x 5" Doorganizer is just $16. Click here to get yours and get organized!"

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Around here, we make koozies for everything. (And it took me a minute to think about whether I wanted to create this blog post here, or on my all things Southern blog. Guess what... it's going in both because I think it's totally relevant to all things Southern and trendy.)

Lisa at Fred's Beds introduced me to a wonderful, low-cost koozie company (based right here in Raleigh, woo!) online at Her contact there, Linda,.... is awesome! I definitely suggest these folks for any large amounts of koozie you may need (weddings, birthdays, sorority and fraternity events, etc.). We used them for the Fred's Beds / Susan G. Komen October '07 breast cancer awareness "Sleeping for the Cure" campaign and they were able to help us in a huge time crunch. I later used them with my BUS 465 IMC Management class for our Honda Accord Coupe on-campus promotional event.

I am SUPER excited to see this week's Gifts & Decorative Accessories Product Wire eNewsletter had Mary Phillips Designs (from here in Raleigh as well!) in their New to Market section. Here was their blurb on the super-cute "Bride" koozie:
"Stay Cool

Collapsible Coozie Collection from Mary Phillips Designs keeps beverages cool and shows personality. Other messages including “You call me ‘Party Girl’ like it’s a bad thing” and “Life’s Uncertain. Drink Now.” $8.

Mary Phillips Designs, Raleigh NC

(800) 825-4575"

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pamper the Chef in you for Brittany's Battle!

The Pampered Chef is teaming up with Brittany’s Battle in their fight against lung cancer!

It’s as easy as 1-2-3…

Visit, scroll down and click on Start Shopping, the full line catalog is right there at your fingertips!

Send an email to BB's consultant at including your name, address and phone number, and the item numbers/descriptions for the products that you would like to purchase.

Spread the word to friends and family!

The Pampered Chef consultant will send you an invoice with payment instructions and 30% of your purchase will go directly to Brittany’s Battle, Inc.!

The campaign kicked on Friday, February 8th and culminates in honor of Brittany's 21st birthday on Monday - February 18th.

You will receive your invoice shortly after your order is placed and payment options will include check by mail or credit card by email or phone. The products you purchase will be mailed directly to your home.

Please follow these instructions carefully, as orders placed directly through the Pampered Chef website will NOT be credited to the Brittany’s Battle fundraiser!

Jocelyn (who is also a big supporter of Brittany’s Battle) has told us about some free gifts…

All buying guests receive the 7” Serrated Spreader from our Bamboo Serving Set FREE!

PLUS with any purchase of $60 or more you receive your choice of our Sweet Cinnamon Sprinkle or Sweet Caramel Sprinkle FREE! That's a $6.50 Value!

ALSO, she will personally give a FREE surprise Pampered Chef gift to the person who places the largest order!

So what are you waiting for? Get your order in now! Remember, email your order to!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

My Team Coat

I must admit, I do love a guy in a sharp NC STATE red blazer at a ball game (or pre-game tailgate -- see Joe at the NCSU vs. UNC tailgate below!).

Unless they start making them in Carolina Blue, my boyfriend won't be requesting one for Valentine's day like's press release encourages... but I love the idea nonetheless and think every loyal Wolfpacker should have one in his closet for any event where business dress is encouraged and appreciated (think alumni center cocktails, etc.)!

And guys, for $99.... there is no excuse NOT to add this to your wardrobe.

Apothecary Jars: Round 2

I love when vintage items become pretty again.

Right now, I'm really into apothecary jars of all shapes and sizes. I think they make a great addition to any kitchen, bathroom or heck, even an office!

The jar pictured above is on clearance at Bed, Bath & Beyond... which is, I'm sure, why they're out of stock :-(... but just search it on eBay and you come up with a wealth of options including lots of colors, too! The only thing that sucks is that shipping for these breakables almost doubles the cost. I need to go search around town....