Monday, August 29, 2011

I. Need. This. Bag.

There are three women that I know off the top of my head that need this bag immediately. I am one of them. (The other two are Lisa S. and Adrianne, in case you were interested.)

I dig the T.T. bag, too - but this O.G. bag from Lo & Sons has my over-committed name all over it. And what's not to love about the purple/lilac interior and gold hardware?

I may at some point own both (but not right now at almost $300.00/each), but until then, I'm going to opt for the O.G. because I almost always wear heels, but it's not always practical to do a lot of walking or traveling in them. So it's a great option for hiding away shoes on the go.

I think I saw CamilleStyles tweet about this bag? That must have been it. And it must have been fate!