Wednesday, April 23, 2008's Top 10 Amazon Shopping Tools

I'm not a HUGE girl myself, but I do have to admit it's one of the easiest to use and when I'm not looking for something very particular by name, but instead I want to see a selection of products at once... it's definitely one of the most efficient sites for doing so! If I employ some of the following tools... I just might become an Amazon regular!

So, here's LifeHacker's Top 10 Amazon Shopping Tools (I'll link to those I think are the most interesting/fabulous, and anything else... just hit up LifeHacker's list to click-through: 10. Never be empty-handed on special occasions again with the Amazon Gift Organizer
9. Search Amazon via voice call with Jott
8. Browse the deep discount bin at JungleCrazy (I don't hunt, so the thrill of finding something awesome when you're discount shopping fills that void in my life!)
7. Buy from your phone with TextBuyIt
6. Find hidden discounts with DealLocker
5. Snag items with free shipping (Free shipping is the icing on the cake for me!)
4. Get money back on price drops with RefundPlease (Now that's just cool.)
3. Get free shipping by padding with filler items
2. Get up-to-the-minute price and availability alerts
1. Cut down household shopping needs with Subscribe & Save
And seriously, check out the original LifeHacker post to read the description of each of the Top 10. Maybe the cell phone shopping will be your fancy even if it's not mine!

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