Monday, May 4, 2009

Raleigh Jeans

While I was browsing the same website that I found my recent boot addiction on I also happened to stumble upon these sweet jeans.The fleur de lis is one of my favorite embellishments/designs/patterns... and on jeans! (Although, sadly - I'm a little girl and those jeans looks like a pretty relaxed fit... so they're most likely a no go for me. I'm very particular about the fit of my jeans.)

Speaking of denim, this is a really cool feature from on a local denim company! I really need to check their stuff out soon. How cool would that be to a have my "go to jeans" come from right in my own back yard?

UNDRESSED: Raleigh Denim"One thing led to another, and Verses Jeans was born. (The name changed to Raleigh Denim last summer). The two married in October 2008, and today they’re making jeans—and history—full-time in a studio on Bloodworth Street.

New Raleigh met them there Friday evening before they headed out to the Rosebuds show. Sarah was wearing boots over Raleigh Denim jeans and an old black L.A. Raiders t-shirt, with her hair down long and straight. Victor, wearing cuffed Raleigh Denim jeans with an old White Horse Tavern t-shirt, remarked that he was missing his usual hat since he’d showered that morning."
Check out the full story and let me know if you have any Raleigh Denim of your own!


  1. Stewart would ask why you'd want the Boy Scout symbol on your butt?

    I'd wear 'em!

  2. Just found your blog and enjoyed reading it. Loved this post....
    I hope you will stop by and visit me. The May give away has started....and next week I will be blogging from Disney World.