Wednesday, June 3, 2009

That's Some Funny Sunscreen

...but I totally respect its great cause!

Will Ferrell Launches Sunscreen Line

It's hard to know where to begin with this one. Other than, hooray, a celebrity has launched a beauty product we actually want to purchase (maybe as a Father's Day gift) this very instant?

Will Ferrell is launching a sunscreen line called Will Ferrell Sunscreen. The SPF 30s come in Sun Stroke, Sexy Hot Tan, and Forbidden Fruit. We're not sure of the differences between these, other than different tag lines on the bottles like "and the rich cream brought protection and comfort and it was good" (Forbidden Fruit).

Each bottle costs $12 and all proceeds benefit Cancer for College’s College Willpower Scholarship Fund, which grants college scholarships to cancer survivors and amputees.

Having supported the charity for a long time, Will explains why he decided to continue his efforts with sunscreen: “I’ve always dreamed of owning a lotion company. And I’ve always hated cancer.”

You can buy the lotion on the charity's website, or on eBay or Amazon.
You can buy all three bottles for $39.99 online.

The best part of that whole story? Will's reasoning: "I've always dreamed of owning a lotion company. And I've always hated cancer."

Me too Will, me too.

{Image: / Will Ferrell Sunscreen}

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