Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New eBoutique on the Block: Dixie Patches

I usually keep the "New Boutique on the Block" title for new local brick-and-mortar boutiques, but you really can't blame any entrepreneur(s) for going online instead of battling the extraordinary cost of commercial/retail rent!

DixiePatches has a sunny color scheme and website that's easy on the eyes and most of their photography is chock full of Southern charm. The logo is a little hard to decipher at first, but after first look you can pick out the outline of our fair Southern states. Even going two color would probably make it easier to read.

There are only a few merchandise options in each category (Southern Charms, Southern Belles, Southern Gentlemen, Dixie Dogs, and Fishin'/Huntin'/Tailgatin'), but one would guess there is a lot more to come in their future. I also don't know any guy who hunts in a button down and bow tie, but I really like where they're going with that. One should always "dress for success", right? ;-)

Overall, I think this site is a best bet for Southern Gentlemen: Friendly price points for hats and bow ties. I also see the camo cooler in the boyfriend's future.

Full disclaimer: I automatically love any company that sends a free koozie your way for signing up for their email list. Other than the fact that I love the premise of this whole site too, I'll still tried to this review as objective as possible. I'm crossing my fingers that the emails are no more often than once a month and might include a sale or coupon or two!

Big thanks to Hula Girl for posting about it today... what fabulous things to share: Southern favorites and tailgatin' goods!

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