Wednesday, October 20, 2010


(Sidebar: My post from last night was fabulous number 300 - have you been around since post #1... way back in May, 2007?)

I was reading over this week's fashion columns in the Lifestyle section of the N&O and was delighted to find an entire feature dedicated to RED! As all Wolfpack girls know, red is a statement color with free reign to wear at any time. This popular fall trend color happens to extend that privilege to everyone... regardless of their love for NCSU! ;-)

This feature was an affiliate piece from the Charlotte Observer (a sister publication of the N&O), so unfortunately it only included looks from national chain retailers... but I did find a few things to love!
These earrings from Target ($29.99) are appropriately titled "Pomegranate Drop Earrings"... they look just like the inside of poms! (by Temple St. Clair for Target)
Buy online
Also $29.99 at Target. (by Temple St. Clair for Target)
Buy online
Love this belt from the September/October H&M collection! No price given, didn't see it on their website. (Random note: You can only shop online with H&M if you're OUTSIDE of the US? How often do you see that?)
Worthington Black Houndstooth Dress - $49.99, August Worthington Double Breasted Coat (buy online) - $149.9... both from JCPenney. (But I really love the scarf the most - this is as close as I could find on the site, but I'm not 100% sure it's the same scarf.)

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