Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Ultimate Steal

This is not my usual fashion-inspired post... but it is a GREAT shopping steal and will keep more money in my bank account for... $120 pairs of jeans.

(This is also going to get a little dorky, I'm sure Brandon and Adrianne will be the only people to truly appreciate this as much as I do.)

I am THE most skeptical person on the internet, but this is legit as it actually comes directly from Microsoft. Get it early, the offer expires on April 30, 2008.

For $60 you get (All 2007 Versions): MS Access (which most students don't need), Accounting Express, Excel, Infopath, Groove, OneNote, Outlook with Business Contact Manager, Powerpoint, Publisher, Word.

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Since I have half of this already, I think I'm just going to ask for a new laptop for Christmas (or buy one after with my holiday savings) and get this to go with it.

Office 2007 looks a lot different (thus, takes quite some getting used to), so I don't want to download it on top of what I already have. I'd like to just start fresh.

P.S. - Normal retail price for this is $679. Ouch.

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