Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Gift Ideas: For Your Favorite Vodka Drinker!

I know quite a few bloggin' gal pals who I'd give this next gift to :-)

(Lisa S. and Renee... consider this recommendation my e-gift to you all!)

From Ideal Bite:

Tru Vodka - get 'em toasty with liquor produced with fewer pesticides. This vodka's organic, goes down smoothly, and the company plants a tree for each bottle it sells. Also: lemon- and vanilla-infused flavors ($33).
Booze with a conscience. I love it!!

PS - Ooh, they have gin, too! That's SO for Denise. When was the last time you heard about Tanqueray planting trees?


  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes fellow Capricorn!

  2. LOVE IT !!!!!!! you know how to get to my heart!