Monday, December 22, 2008

WANT: Monogrammed Cell Phone Case

So my new phone was launched last week... and I still can't figure out why the folks at Sprint (I would obvi never blame a customer service issue on Nextel since those didn't exist before the merger) haven't gotten the site fixed so I can find ringtones that are compatible and cell phone covers that fit.

Not that I expected anything cute or monogrammed anyway... but a girl can always count on her friends!

From Renee's blog:

Because this has happened to me one too many times, my mother stuffed my stocking '07 with this adorable cell phone holder. The kind I have has a little clip on the back. I love it and try to remember to use it more often than not. One downfall is the size of cell phones these days. I'm not sure a lot of the newer models would fit.

Although it's not Swagger, this one store has created iPod Holders to keep up with the times. They're cute too and are equpped with arm bands for people who run or even like to simply frequent the gym. A lady would even consider matching her holder with her tennis shoes. They're are so many cute boys at the gym. I'll save that blog for another day! I would love to sell these monogrammed goodies via this blog but I will wait until I convince people at Swagger to get some in.

Note: I didn't have the patience for uploading a picture of my actual cellphone holder with it's monogrammed R. This is from another site with an L for someone special I know!
Perfect for the iPod and the crackberry! I told her I've already got the Swagger boss on it :-D

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