Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Prettiest {Eco-Friendly} Shoes You've Ever Seen

This month's EcoStiletto giveaway shoes are SO beautiful... I should not even share this so I could increase my odds of winning, but I love y'all... so here ya go:Told ya... SO pretty. They are custom made and even have your initials stamped on the sole as a finishing touch. BALLER.

Of course, the $595 price tag is just a hair out of my price range (you know, just a tad bit). Winning these would be aweeeesome. In case you hadn't read before here, EcoStiletto gives away a pair of sassy, eco-friendly shoes every month. Clearly, you want to be on that list. Just enter the giveaway and you'll get the regular scoop.

I also really love their new t-shirt, too:$18. Now that's a purchase that I can afford. ;-)

PS - This post isn't sponsored by EcoStiletto or anything... I just really love what Rachel is doing with her company, so I feel compelled to give her props!

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