Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Greenwashing is So Last Season

I'm pretty over greenwashing - all kinds of over it, in fact.

It really bugs me that I received an email today with an Earth Day sale advertising "20% off everything green"... eco-sketchy!

20% off bags made from recycled plastics? Fabulous!
20% off soft tees made from organic cotton? OK!

20% off something "green" that was shipped from across the globe? C'mon now, it's Earth Day tomorrow... not St. Patty's (I'm not a hater though - by all means, go for it on St. Patty's day)! I don't think Mother Nature would approve.

The Nature Conservancy has a cool calculator for your carbon footprint here. It's not all encompassing, but it's a nice little "home" gauge, for how you're doing at home. I'm happy to say we're below average (wooh, hah!) and half of our consumption comes from travel, which would be hard to cut down more. I'm game to give it a try though!

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  1. The mattress industry is full of green washing. I hate it. Most of my products do have small carbon footprints though. Made in the Carolina's :)