Monday, July 13, 2009

Deal of the Week: Yellow Very Well COULD Be My Color

I have two yellow shirts that I love and I got freshly a little sunburned this weekend (resulting in what should be a good start to a tan by mid-week), so why not - right?

I wonder if I could have it before I leave for this weekend's Friday night wedding / weekend bachelorette party shenanigans (yes that's right... two different wedding-esque commitments in the same time period)? (Cora Boutique DOES ship out of Raleigh, after all!)

What do we think - yay or nay?

At $36.50, I'm thinking yay. Double yay, actually.

PS - I'd only consider this dress for double duty at the wedding AND bachelorette party if it hit at least right above my knee and I dressed up with a jacket or nice cami. I was more so thinking of this for bachelorette party fun times, exclusively.


  1. I have one similar, with pockets. So comfortable. Wish I'd paid $36 for it...

  2. Pockets would make this dress AMAZING!

  3. TOTAL YAY! :) have a great weekend!