Monday, July 27, 2009

New Boutique on the Block: Bevello

I had the always enjoyable opportunity to stop in Beleza last week and visit with P. Dail and Sara (the most charming fair trade boutique owners you'll ever meet) and they told me about a new store opening up just down the sidewalk from them.

Bevello has received quite a lot of local attention in the blogosphere (etc., etc.) this weekend for it's fresh approach to boutique fashion and shopping in general. I can't wait to stop in sometime soon (this week maybe?) and visit the new store!

New Raleigh - Bevello Focuses on Service with New Cameron Village Boutique"Bevello, which occupies the former Francis King Stationery space, sells contemporary women’s clothing and accessories at a lower price point (most items fall in the $40-$150 range)."
Bevello - Official Website (I love that the pictures were taken here in town!)

Bevello - Official Blog


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