Monday, September 21, 2009

Massive Sale Alert: The Body Shop Warehouse Sale

How many of you local readers knew that the global retailer The Body Shop actually has a large presence in North Raleigh (closer to Wake Forest, from what I hear)? Big thanks to Jess for forwarding me the following email!

(click to enlarge)

Even as a mark rep myself, I'm really glad to post this for a few reasons:
1 - Competition is always healthy. Keeps brands/retailers on their toes.
2 - Like mark., The Body Shop is strongly against animal testing. They also have a very impressive list of social, eco, and other amazing values. Read more here, here, and here!
3 - The local presence. The Body Shop keeps a lot of local people employed here in Raleigh.

Here's a Google Maps link, if you're interested in going!

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