Wednesday, September 2, 2009

WANT: Fall Staple - Monogrammed Pashmina

I'm thinking I'm going to need one of these monogrammed pashminas in black with red monogramming for any chilly Wolfpack tailgates and football games!

IE: Tomorrow. Dang. I didn't plan that one out very well.

Although... I'm not left out in the cold!

The entire E. Riley-Dorn wedding entourage received red pashminas as bridal party gifts just this past February - perfect for all of us State girls (see below)!

Big props go out to Mrs. (YES, MRS. - it still trips me out to write that) E. {Riley} Dorn for the great taste and outfitting the always classy look for tomorrow's big game vs. USC!

Rest assured, I can get by with my current selection of red or green pashminas, but one more never hurts! I hate having to pick one color to live with for good - a girl needs options! (That is yet another E. Riley Dorn principle, that every well-dressed woman should wardrobe by.)

And I do have some time until fall temperature actually set in for real. I can't imagine that the 90 degree days are actually legitimately over. I mean, I HAVE lived in NC my whole life... I know it doesn't actually work that way. (True Life: I'm also one of the many people that almost passed out at the NCSU vs. Clemson game two years ago when it went from a 60 degree tailgate to a 90 degree ballgame. I went home at half-time to shower and spend the rest of the day in the AC... something I never do.)

Long story short, monogrammed pashminas. At Swagger (in-store or online). $34.00.


  1. Yay for pashminas. Yay for football! I am praying that 90 doesn't happen September 12th, but you know my luck.

  2. In full length formal wear of all things!