Monday, October 12, 2009

Bevello Follow-Up: Denim Love at First Sight

I moseyed on over to Bevello the last time I was in Beleza, and I was totally just going to look... I swear!

But of course, I walked out with these. It's a sickness, and I should be in therapy. But seriously, a good pair of jeans cannot be ignored. Especially a pair with such beautiful embellishments on the pockets!

the Rock Revival Stephanie boot-cut

Nevermind the "Stephanie" name, they should call these jeans, "Gloriousness in Denim"!

I should have gotten the size smaller like the super helpful and friendly sales girl recommended (shame on me), but since they've got some stretch, I thought it was best to go up to the 26 (or was it the 25?). Anywho, they're a *tad* loose, but they still look HOT.

Can't wait for my next Bevello shopping trip!

PS: Big "Thanks!" to my always awesome Mom for shortening the hem on them for me. Being 5' 2'', jeans always are about 6'' too long for me. THANKS MOM!!!!! NOW they're really perfect!

PS #2: Bevello has launched a fantastic new website! Do yourself a favor and check it out A.S.A.P., I swear you'll double love it.

PS #3: In checking out the Rock Revival website, I'm a bit wigged out to see I'm wearing the same jeans as Tito Ortiz and Jenna Jameson (ugh), but whatever, I guess it could be worse. The BF, who is a MMA fan, thought it was HILARIOUS when I made this discovery last week. (Hopefully he'll forget the whole porn star reference and let that one die.)

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