Thursday, November 5, 2009

Winter Dress Coat

I am almost always in a North Face Denali jacket (local retail is my first choice, of course), but they're just too casual for all occasions, outfits, or mood ... plus, they're not really long either.

But alas, they are a NCSU college girl staple - see the following slideshow for proof a la Hillsborough Hike 2007 with the Black North Face Mafia better known as my Pi Phi sisters & Co.

So for all of the other occasions, I have a black pea coat that I've worn for a few years. I've recently come to realize though, that even though it's made by a "petites" brand, it really swallows me up. The shoulders are too big, there is no slim through the waste, and to me... that just doesn't scream "well put together look".

So I'm on the hunt!

I usually start with just a basic "look" search. No budget, nothing. Just a look.

Banana Republic

BR lucked out with a very well-timed email!

Banana Republic Wool-Blend Pea Coat

The Wool-Blend Pea Coat in Heater Grey retails for $180.00

Banana Republic Duffle Coat

The Modern Toggle Coat in Charcoal Heather Grey retails for $198.00

I then move to budget and finding something that fits my most important demands at a price point that I can afford with an often "Champagne Taste on a Miller High Life Budget" (as Renee calls it - because after all... Miller High Life is the Champagne of Beers!)


That's when those geniuses at Target sent me a weekly flyer that had some nice in-store only sales going on.

Target Mossimmo Pea Coat

Mossimo Pea Coat in several colors (purple, red, black, brown, and green) retails for $30.00 (on sale)

Now THAT looks like a good deal! At that price, I could even get a few colors (including red of course for NCSU football games). They also look to be a slimmer fit. Of course, since these are in-store only sales, I'd have to hope my local store(s) had my color and sizes, but at least I could try the jacket on before buying.

Old Navy

The BF and I then happened to walk into Old Navy last weekend looking for a white sweater for his Halloween costume (Fred from the Scooby Doo/Mystery Inc. gang).

They have a great selection, with lots of price points, but I suspect the large selection online is only carried in varying stores... I really don't remember seeing THAT many jackets there. I did try on the Tab Waist Jacket in red (I think it was the tab waist jacket).

Old Navy Tab Waist Jacket

Old Navy Tab Waist Jacket in red retails for $98.50

Old Navy Funnel-Neck Coats

Old Navy Funnel-Neck coats come in pink and black and retail for $89.50

I swear I also tried on something in a winter white at Old Navy, but can't remember which jacket it was.

Hmmm... decisions, decisions, decisions.


  1. First off, $89 coat at Old Navy? Shouldn't that be like $49.99? It is my favorite. We all had the North Faces in college, when I graduated I moved up to the bigger and better......mountain hardwear LOL

    I got a great deal on a super nice black pea coat last year at the Nautica outlet in Hilton Head. I need to branch out and get a color!

  2. I have a post written about coats for tomorrow! We're thinking the same thing. And yea, Old Navy has definitely gone up on their prices... I was actually working there when the coats were just rolling out this fall, and I thought REALLY? 90 bucks for a coat that's not even 100% wool?

    But! They are REALLY cute, and who needs all that wool in the south anyway ;)