Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Darn You Overstock.com Emails...

...always pointing out good deals on things I didn't even know I wanted until now!

Lou Lou Womens Contemporary Tie-back Dress
Orange, white, and yellow

The orange looks more like salmon to me, but I'd take this dress in every color!

Lou Lou Womens Contemporary Tie-back Dress
Blue, black, and brown

I'm not sure why the second set of colors are cheaper (unless they have less stock), but I'd take the blue in a heartbeat! I need more blue in my wardrobe... especially at that price point!

As far as the reviews go, there is one really negative on the blue and one really positive on the orange set... so take your pick. The negative review on the blue talks it being about a cheap dress, which at $26, it clearly is. So it might be a gamble, because of Overstock.com's awkward no-return policy on this item ("Non-Returnable Item Policy: This item is not returnable unless the problem you experience is the result of our error."), which is what I think upset the shopper more than anything... and she's totally justified in that.

Back to the dresses though... how cute are they for summer? Put them with a cute pair of flip flops (I'm not a fan of platform or tall heels with short dresses) and you've got yourself a winning summer outfit!

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