Thursday, December 16, 2010

Garmz - For Realz

I'm going to go on the record here and tell y'all that my homie Sonny Byrd actually came up with this idea first, but apparently someone outside of the States beat him to market. (I'm still encouraging him to be first to market here in the US, for what it's worth ;-).) (And in full disclosure, I have no idea if he was really first, but let's just all be good sports and assume he really was.)

Back to the post at hand here, Sonny sent me an email this morning with the following subject line: "FML". He was a little bummed to see the following site making waves in the fashion world before he could.

is a site that allows designers to upload their designs to the site, have the population at large vote on them, and possibly some day, see them go to production. Garmz then shares the sales revenue with the original designer. The concept totally breaks down the barriers to entry typically found in the fashion world and can potentially get trends to market seasons ahead of traditional fashion houses and retail brands.

You can read more about this cool new concept on their site at (and vote on the latest designs!) and also join in on the fun on facebook at

Two front page looks I love that I voted for already:
Dazzle Me Dress by Willy D. of London

Gold Number by Shibbyinc

Don't let this take the wind out of your sails, Sonny... there's room for everyone!

{Images: via and respective submitting designers}


  1. Hey Lisa

    thanks for the great post.

    Would be great to speak to your friend. The idea of supporting fashion talent is big - i am pretty sure there are more facets to do it.
    If we can help let me know :)

    best wishes
    Andreas (team member of

  2. Hey Andreas!

    Thanks for the quick feedback and comment! I'm sitting here with Sonny and going to send him your way. He's got big ideas for the future of fashion here in the US and I'd love to see his ideas help both of you share the massive amounts of untapped fashion talents out there!

    Keep up the great work - I can't wait to check back often and see what you guys are up to next!