Sunday, October 12, 2008

Attention: Longchamp Faithfuls...

Lisa S. has plunged into the dark depths of "use and care" experimentation and emerged victoriously!

Be sure to check out her update (Fall clothing swap out, and some updates...) for her simple, yet SO useful, approach to cleaning up a light-colored Longchamp who's done a lot of hard work this past season for you.Also, since she dutifully noted the "explosion of summer and fall" that is her room at the moment, I thought I'd offer up these pictures of my office during the seasonal transition (which is taking it's sweet time since as she noted: " It's too warm during the day to wear fall clothes, and too cool at night to keep on the summer ones").

"Explosion" is exactly the right word... you could lose a puppy (or two) in there!

Note to self: New house shall be designed around the closet... so everything can stay year-round. I can't find a movie still of the best closet ever a la Sex & the City: The Movie, so this will have to do:
(Watched the movie AGAIN last night, loved it AGAIN.)

WAIT - Found a video... sort of, just fast forward to 1:45... that's where the good stuff is.

Ah, Real Estate Heaven.

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