Tuesday, February 17, 2009

They're Like Sorority Shirts... for Southerners!

Well, "sorority shirts" and "Southerners" aren't particularly mutually exclusive (in case your degrees didn't require two statistics courses) either though.

Back to the point - all the rage amongst the Southern bloggers lately (including one of my personal favorites):
Their categories seem to encompass three major areas of apparel - t-shirts, thongs, and accessories. Yup, you read that right. Apparently though, thongs are getting their own section, they must hot sellers. But you ladies would never tell, right? *See note at bottom.

Why do I feel like the following is something that Lisa S. and I have said to friends (and younger sisters, alike):For Adrianne:I can't see youuuuuuuu:
Ok, that's enough. Y'all can look through the gallery just as well as I can.

Back to my original point - SouthernBellStore.com?

Two thumbs up!

PS - It definitely took 10 more minutes of wandering around that site to figure out that thongs, weren't "thongs". They were FLOPS. Mind out of the gutter Lisa, mind out of the gutter! *Slaps forehead* (Like I said though, we call them flops here. Flip flops or the branded options - "Rainbows" or "Jack Rogers", to be exact.)

PS #2 - Free shipping on all orders! Done. Deal.


  1. They call them thongs in Australia too. I think there were a few too many drunken conversations about "well if you call those thongs what do you call the underwear?" ;)

  2. I call them "flips". Is it just me or maybe a Washington/West Coast thing?

  3. Just wanted to say that I found your blog on accident but I am in love!!! PS -- love these shirts. I am wearing the one about Skynyrd to their concert this summer (like I needed an excuse to by one. . .or two) AND I call them flip flops. Keep up the great work <3