Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Poll: What Do YOU Call Them?

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My previous post has spurred some discussion as to what name you call flip flops by. I thought it would be a fun poll and interesting to see when it's all said and done if it varies by region, etc.

Click on through and you should see the poll at the top of the right sidebar and share your preference, please!

Feel free to drop a comment on what you call them if you choose "Other".


  1. For the official beach report-
    I call them flops or flip-flops.
    A lot of people here just call them Rainbows, because that is the only brand worn.
    The Canadian's last week told me "I like your thongs." I was like "WHAT?!"

  2. Flops. Plain and simple, like they are on my feet :-) (or "pure heaven"). I love the thongs issues!!!

  3. flip flops, but I've heard them called some really odd things - smart idea to take a poll!