Sunday, December 12, 2010

Here's the Thing...

I *love* a good heel. Not like - LOVE.

I do NOT love round or platform toe heels. I can deal with round toe for a super cute shoe (I have found and purchased maybe two of these, ever, so they do exist), but I can NOT deal with an overly-platform toe. They just remind me too much of stripper shoes.

There. I've said it.

Give me a pointy-toe (or peep-toe) or nothing at all!

{Images: Bakers shoes - which I do like as a brand, just not all the round, platform toe shoes; Nordstrom; Zappos}


  1. Thank you! I told Mom the other day "I hate the new shoes, they all look like stripper shoes!"

  2. See I'm the exact opposite! I love a round or peep toe - I never wear pointy ;)

    They're all FAB tho.

  3. I love a peep toe, too - but gotta keep the platform toe to a minimum ;-)

  4. can't decide which is my fav....