Sunday, September 21, 2008

Update: I Can SO Pull Them Off...

Remember this post from back in February?

..."Nick seems to think I'm not 'long-legged' enough to pull off the look... blasphemy. All it takes is a cute pair of wedge sandals or heels. (Although mine will most likely end up paired with ballet flats or cute flat sandals if I get them tailored.) Either way: it'll still happen."
Well, well, well Mr. Pessimistic... what have we here?Still loving these pants!

The upside of a boyfriend with UNC season tickets (while I am a die-hard Wolfpack girl), is that I can still wear silver blue seersucker pants (not to be confused with Carolina blue) clear through the entire fall season! Bonus points for me!


  1. OK..I'll give it to you...Congrats to your Pack...they pulled it out. Done good.

    Now with you going to the state game and all in a tizzy about tailgating with a 12 pm game...did y'all rush over to UNC for the game at 3:30?

    And I love the idea calling it silver blue. As you know, I am diehard Duke but DH is a true blue "tarhole" as my daddy calls him. Any time I wear anything remotely that color blue, I get ragged on by his family. ARGH... Now I am just going to call it silver blue!

    By the way...boyfriend was wrong...pants look wonderful on you!

  2. Why thank you! The original game plan was to do both games, but Nick didn't get off of work as planned, so I went to the State game with some friends and called it a day!

    Silver blue is one of two official Pi Beta Phi colors (we're the wine and silver blue) so I proudly get to sport it with little to no shame :-)