Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Blame it on Ashton

Kutcher (adorable as he is)... or Paris. But let's hope that by this point, no one is mimicking that silly girl.

I apologize for taking a disgustingly long time to get to this review as promised - sometimes the real life gets in the way of the "life of a trend correspondent" - or at least the blogging equivalent of one.

Back to the review, the infamous "trucker hat" - also known as "those awful vinyl-backed hats from the 1980's" being spotted on "douche-bags everywhere" (most recently on the campus of UVA in a undisclosed fraternity house).

Who told our once preppy boys that this is now the standard of cool? I believe it was our handsome friend Ashton, but boys remember: you definitely need the Ashton personality to pull it off and still make it look good.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE a good 80's cocktail party where everyone gets good and tacky... but in moderation. I know what goes around, comes around - but comes around BETTER is the important part to remember in that cyclical chain of events.

Just say "No" to Joe Dirt and "Yes" to vintage done right.

Recap (pun totally intended): "No" -->

"Yes" -->


  1. Thank you Lisa. Thank you.

    I swear, next time I'm up at UVa I'll take a picture for you!

  2. Yes - please do :-)

    And you are most certainly welcome!