Saturday, January 10, 2009

Buyer Beware:

This come's straight from Renee's blog... heed her warning!

Usually, I like to post about good things that happen. No, no, not today. I just got off the phone with Costumer Service for It's a website that sells jewelry by Danielle Janine. Her pieces are cute, but not worth the charges. I bought 1 piece for myself. A really cute necklace. It cost $9 - How could I resist?? I got the necklace in the mail and was charged $9. Things were fine. Then, a few days later, I received a second piece in the mail. I thought maybe I had made the mistake and shrugged it off. I gave it to my mom for Christmas. It was really cute.

For the next 2 weeks, I was being sent jewelry every 3-4 days and being charged $68a pop?!!? Are you kidding? They charged my $349 over the course of a month. Apparently, I signed into a jewelry club when I bought my first piece. I have to send all the pieces back to get my money back and I had my membership cancled. I go the confirmation email before I ended the call with Customer Service. Is that any indication this time of thing happens a lot?! I'm just glad it was on my credit card (not that a cc charge is great) instead of how I paid my rent and gotten hit with overdraft charges too.

Buyers Beware!
Has this type of thing happened to anyone else?
Eeeeek! $68/each? I don't know if I like ANYONE enough to buy something every three days for $68/each... heck, I don't know if I like MYSELF that much!

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