Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Girl Could Only Hope...

...yup, I just used the democratic tag-word (?) as a call to action for themselves.

As I sit here as a owner of my own company and the financial manager of my family's company, I can only hope that the savvy campaign just launched via email by Ikea could actually inspire America's new First Family to be as fiscally responsible in their new home as redecorating with Ikea would have them be.So much for hope (thank you, TMZ!).

So about that $825B stimulus plan... let's trim a portion of that from the White House redecorating budget, shall we?

Eek - I hope this didn't get too political for y'all. If you hate it, just enter the contest. If you win the $1,500 in Ikea gift cards you might not be so angry at me. :-)

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