Thursday, July 3, 2008

Beach It

I saw a little sign about this line in the bathroom of Cameron Bar & Grill (I know, random)... I think it's possibly the same girl who provided them with d├ęcor assistance (hinting at the reason for a framed sign in the bathroom).

Anyways, I'm not much for publishing about a new venture until you're really ready to get going, but I figured I'd give this a little link even though it doesn't appear to be possible to order online yet (or have any prices posted). I've emailed the site contact though and hoping to find out more info soon!

(Pictured: "Marigot", but I also really like the "Grand Case", too!)

Beach It
A hands free oversized tote. Just throw it on your shoulder and off to the beach you go! All your beach necessities fit into your one essential accessory!

BEACH IT™ is constructed of durable Sunbrella® fabric. Sunbrella® is the number one marine fabric in the world. BEACH IT™ can possibly hold up to four standard beach chairs, an umbrella, towels and so much more. Six generous pockets provide additional space for sunscreen, keys, even your favorite paperbacks! Comfortable shoulder straps allow ease of movement.
So there you have it, my local find from the bathroom of Cameron Bar & Grill.

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