Monday, July 14, 2008

I'd Like to Say I Wouldn't...

...but let's face it: rain boots, cute summer shorts (even though they technically classify as "jorts"), and a vest over a cute tee.

Yep, I'd do this look
...and wouldn't have even realized it was hot.

Back to the "jort" thing... luckily, I'm located in the gorgeous South. If you've got the body to rock the super short and destroyed denim shorts - then I say work it. I don't think there are many other parts of the country where this could be pulled off without looking out of place.

PS - One of my favorite features of is that you can "shop this look" just by clicking on the image above! (However, since True Religion is selling above referenced jorts for $172.00 - you can probably just cut up old fitted jeans and get the same look for MUCH LESS!)

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