Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sad - I was interested in buying this domain even though I was sure it would already be taken, but to my utter disappointment, not only is it taken, but there's nothing really "local" about it. The concept is "compare local prices and save money" but to me - "shop local" - is about supporting businesses with local roots (usually independent and small businesses) and not your Targets, Circuit Citys, etc., etc.

Has anyone registered and used this site and noticed any significant savings making it at least somewhat useful, even though still sort of a fraud? I'm going to register and give it a go... but still, I'm seriously disappointed. Misrepresentation much?

(Oh, PS - I found out about this when I clicked a email link from my emailed Best Buy weekly flyer and the linked site was which is why I decided to investigate.)

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