Thursday, July 17, 2008

You ae Going to Come Home with Me!

The monogrammed hangers featured on The Preppy Wedding would look AWESOME hanging in any closet!
Guess where I am today?

"...Here's a list of my top 5 this summer:
- Monogrammed Hangers. Totally customizable. Seriously, this is a preppy person's dream.
- Williams Sonoma Monogrammed Carafe. This would be awesome as a bed-side table standby. Totally chic.
- Personalized Birch Tree Mugs. How super romantic and unique. This would make me smile every morning while sipping my diet coke (I'm not a coffee person quite yet). Thanks to Jessie for sending my way!
- Homemade Party Tub with a gift certificate to your local gourmet beer/wine store.
There is a great selection of monogram styles to choose from... so now the tough choice: commit to one design or mix and match? It is truly indeed a preppy dream come true!

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