Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Another Returned Favorite...

I recently posted about how I was excited there was finally a reason to return to the Gap and I can't believe I forgot to include Old Navy, too.

Adrianne and I stopped in back in the Spring for the first time in years looking for some "big girl career clothes" (ie: not "big" as in plus size, but "big" as in grown up) and were amazed at how not only in professional wear but in everyday wear they had just "gotten it SO right on the first try".

As I commented on Little Southern Sister's post about the "new" Old Navy:I too have just returned to Old Navy in the last 6 months or so and have been SO impressed at how well they've returned to "just getting it right". LOVE it again (and my bank account LOVES that).Here are some favorites:
(Absolutely live in these long tanks and have them in every color.)

(Got a variation of this earlier in the summer with cap sleeves and deeper neck line... perfect bar dress.)

(Essential blazers for $39.50? I'll take one in each color!)
Have you returned yet?


  1. I take it they're not messy anymore?

    Every time I think of Old Navy, I think of what a mess it usually is. I hope they've fixed that.

  2. Well, my perception may be flawed since I rarely shop at any other ON than the location at Crossroads in Cary but they keep that location in GREAT SHAPE as of late... but I also never shop on Saturdays or during insane retail weekends... I know you get that Lisa S. ;-)