Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Currently Digging: Hostessing Blogs

Oh man, just what I needed... more adorable blogs to add to my Google Reader (which is out of control lately... everyone's doing blogs now)!

Thanks to GR Recommendations, I was exposed to this awesome post: Built NY + French Bull = Cool Wine Totes. The picture alone got me hooked (and really wanting those, too):
Alright Swanky Tables, you've made the cut! I subscribed.

And an all-time favorite shout out goes to Hostess with the Mostess - a saying that many of us have embodied for years and one girl was clever enough to turn into a business and website!I love Jenn's blog because it's not full of a lot of stuff... just really great pictures to inspire awesome entertaining... without breaking the bank either!

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE my wine tote.

    It is perfect for when you want to take along your wine to a restaurant and pay the cork fee. I used it for that yesterday!