Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Up the Shopping Budget: Checks

Up the Shopping Budget
A new blog mini-series on how to spend less money on the less fabulous things in life.

First topic: Checks.

What a necessary evil. I try to go completely paperless and use my banks' bill pay online (well, not so much paperless for my banks who still write and mail the checks... but paperless for me) but there are just some instances where you can't wait 4-6 business days.

My crappy old bank would send no less than 250 checks at a time (way more than I need) and that was really expensive. I even called and asked what the minimum I could order was and they still said 250. Now that I've switched banks, I need to buy some for using oh, say, once a month? Luckily, one of my two new banks - Bank of America - boasts that you can order as little as 25 at a time - sweet.

A post from I've Paid for this Twice, Already really sparked my interest today: I had NO IDEA you could buy really cheap checks from Sam's Club. They also have checks that you can add five of your own photos to - guess who will have checks of Tank and Delta soon. You can even get business checks, fellow entrepreneurs.

There you go - no more wasting big bucks - especially on something you're just going to use to spend more bucks.

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