Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Question of the Week

Question of the Week (well technically, last week as I'm a bit behind on my blogging): "Lisa, what do I wear to watch race practice (other than ear plugs)?"

What a fabulously southern question from reader, friend, and fellow blogger - Lisa S.!

I LOVE dressing for "all-american" events. My recommendations were nice jeans, boots, and shirt/top varying on the weather. And of course, obligatory awesome sunglasses if it's a day thing. Here's the caveat on the boots though - make sure they're broke in boots... because if you're going to be in them all day and they're new... your ankles will be destroyed afterward.
Lisa's Race Day Wear
(that can be either Lisa in this particular story)

Sunglasses - Isaac Mizrahi for Target - $19.99

Top - Old Navy Twisted Neck Top - $10.00 (sale!)

James Jeans are my absolute favorite - any bootcut will do. Prices are usually around $180.00 but you can stock-up for half that at Accessorize with Pi Phi while supporting a great cause(more info to come soon)!

Last but not least, my Justin Boots (exact model shown above) have now been re-soled 2 times... they're THAT essential. Price... unsure? Probably less than $100 for boots that will last a lifetime.
Lisa S. also suggested, "I thought MAYBE the pink John Deer hat". I definitely support the John Deere hat and I double support the pink with the ribbon - any day or place is a great one for supporting breast cancer research!Whatever you do, nix any sort of heels. I did that ONCE at Panthers' stadium... big mistake. It was a much longer walk than anticipated from the BF's aunt's parking spot to the upper deck seats. (I may or may not have demanded a piggy-back ride from said BF on the walk back after the game.)

So how did it go? Be sure to check in later this week for the on location report from Lisa S.!

Exciting stuff coming to my little blog all the time, huh?


  1. Love it!

    I just got my first issue of Gardens & Guns! Love that too.

  2. I received mine yesterday, as well!