Sunday, January 24, 2010

Another Case of Knowing Exactly What I Wanted...

... was over this most recent New Year's holiday.

Adrianne and I were shopping for the night out and I really wanted to wear either a plain cute dress or shirt with a fabulous (really long) necklace. I didn't find what I wanted at the mall (no surprise there, it's probably the most uninspired place ever) and of course, you can't shop online if you want it that day!

Joint Venture Estate Jewelers is a Cary, NC retailer owned by the mom and dad of Jen, one of my sorority sisters, and I just saw this necklace in their monthly email (do sign up/become a fan on facebook!).

Of course, I totally missed my chance - it's now sold. Dang!

Maybe Jen's mom will keep an eye out for me?
Maybe Mandy, too?
Hint hint, wink wink, ladies?! :-)

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